Upgrade from AEM to CEM

Due to the demands of COVID-19, certification candidates concerned about meeting a deadline in the AEM/CEM application/exam process should contact IAEM HQ at info@iaem.comWe recognize that your priority and focus is responding to the pandemic at this time, and IAEM Staff will provide a response and further details to each request received.

  • Currently, there is no fee to upgrade
  • If you successfully upgrade to the CEM® designation, you will remain part of your original certification class.
  • A helpful Upgrade User Guide is available to provide step-by-step instructions of how to complete the application.

Note for Candidates Who Recently Upgraded to a CEM or Intend to Upgrade in the Near Future

The Professional Contributions requirements are waived for those who have converted their AEM® to a CEM® within the last six months.

Those who will upgrade to CEM® more than six months after recertifying as an AEM® will need to supply all six professional contributions. Candidates will still need to complete the professional contribution section by entering the professional contributions that were already approved as well as uploading the notification letter (dated within the preceding six months) as documentation.

Candidates interested in recertifying as an AEM and upgrading to a CEM:

Candidates should not submit both applications at the same time through the online system. One application (the AEM recertification application or the CEM Upgrade application) should be submitted and reviewed first. Once the candidate receives the notification letter with the approval result, the second application can be submitted.

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