IAEM Staff

IAEM Staff Listing

IAEM is served by an association management company in Falls Church, Virginia (info@iaem.com). Professional staff are at your service. All staff can be reached at:

Headquarters Office

201 Park Washington Court
Falls Church, VA 22046-4527
Phone: +1 (703) 538-1795
Fax: +1 (703) 241-5603
Email: info@iaem.com

Elizabeth B. Armstrong, MAM, CAE, QAS
Email | 703-538-1795, ext. 8
Ms. Armstrong is Chief Executive Officer of IAEM and manages governance issues as well as staff support to all association activities and operations. She is President of Association and Society Management International, Inc. (ASMI), the firm that serves IAEM.

Clay D. Tyeryar, MAM, CAE, QAS
Email | 703-538-1795, ext. 7
Mr. Tyeryar is IAEM's Deputy Executive Director and EMEX Exhibit Director. He administers member service, provides Board/leadership support, and coordinates IAEM outreach with partner groups and international development. He is the point of contact for the EMEX Exhibit.

Chelsea Steadman, MS, QAS
Email | 703-538-1795
Ms. Steadman is the Assistant Executive Director with IAEM. She is a staff liaison to the IAEM-USA Board and coordinates all committee and caucus operations.She also assists with the IAEM certification program


Kate McClimans, IOM, QAS
Ms. McClimans is the Certification Manager and supports other IAEM staff team members with special projects including launching the online examination for the CEM® Program. 

Dawn M. Shiley, MA, CAE, QAS
Email | 703­-538-3542
Ms. Shiley is IAEM Communications & Marketing Director and Scholarship Program Director. She also is the staff liaison for the Scholarship Commission, the Membership & Marketing Committee, and the Digital Engagement Committee. She is one of the faces behind IAEM's social media and the editor of the IAEM Dispatch, IAEM weekly e-newsletter.

Sharon L. Kelly, QAS
Email | 703-538-1795, ext. 1
Ms. Kelly is IAEM's Membership Manager, Registrar, and Certification Administrator. She maintains membership and dues records, takes care of administrative details for the certification program, handles correspondence, supervises conference registration, assists candidates with certification requirement inquiries, proctors and grades examinations, and supports the Certification Commission to ensure ongoing success. 
Julie Husk, JD, QAS
Email | 703-538-1795, ext. 2
Ms. Husk is Program Manager and works closely with the Conference Committee to produce IAEM's marquee event each year. She coordinates all aspects of the Annual Conference programs including selection and management of speakers and sessions, add-on training, event special features, and more. 

Thad Huguley
Mr. Huguley is IAEM-USA Government Affairs Director and staff liaison for the IAEM-USA Government Affairs Committee.

Michelle Savoie, CMP, DES, QAS, CVEP

Ms. Savoie is IAEM's Meetings Manager and manages facility negotiations, accommodations, meals-functions and logistics for all IAEM events including the Annual Conference.

Rebecca Campbell
Email | 703-538-1795, ext 1706
Ms. Campbell is the EMEX booth space coordinator and the IAEM Student Chapters staff liaison. She is staff liaison for the Awards & Recognition Committee, IAEM online elections and IAEM liaison operations. She also supports the IAEM-Global Board activities. 

Mariama Bah
Ms. Bah is a contracts specialist. She delivers and elevated level of expertise and serves as the lead contract management staff for IAEM. She collaborates with leadership teams to respond to project/contract proposals; will manage monthly invoicing and financial reports; will ensure completion of mid-contract financial reporting; and manages contract close-out. 
John Osborne
Mr. Osborne is the IAEM Editor and Digital Events Specialist. He is the editor for the monthly IAEM Bulletin, coordinates sponsorship opportunities at IAEM conferences and events, and assists Dawn with marketing and communications.

Raei Tesfazghi
Member Services Specialist

Ms. Tesfazghi a member specialist who assists with registration, committee/caucus support, digital events management, and elections. She is a vital member of the IAEM staff marketing team.

Lexi Baird
Communications & Projects Coordinator

As part of the IAEM communications team, Ms. Baird provides monitors and posts IAEM social media, designs social graphics, and assists with websites. She also provides committee/caucus support and conference support. She is a member of the IAEM staff marketing team and manages member email communications.

Additional Staff
Other staff members work as needed behind the scenes on special projects, technical support, finances, graphics design, and office support.