IAEM-Canada Ontario Region

Damien Coakeley, M.A. DEM

Vice President
Simon Wells, CD, MA, CEM

Lawrence Conway
Nathan Innes


About the IAEM-Canada Ontario Region

The IAEM-Ontario Region includes IAEM members living in the province of Ontario.

Ontario Region News

    • Ontario Disaster & Emergency Management Conference
      The annual Ontario Disaster & Emergency Management Conference (DEMCON) embraces Ontario’s emergency management community where all can gather to share and learn from their experiences.

      With two full days of networking, you have the opportunity to build important new relationships with peers and organizations strengthening your overall emergency management plans

      Curated by the Planning Committee, DEMCON features senior emergency managers from across North America telling their disaster management stories. With an emphasis on the practical, DEMCON provides a variety of session types including stellar keynote presentations, dynamic panels, in-depth workshops, and interactive round table discussions that focus on lessons learned, new initiatives and best practices on topics such as:
      • Disaster Response & Recovery
      • Community Resilience
      • Climate Change
  • Call For Volunteers: (Feb. 20, 2023) The IAEM-Canada – Ontario Region Executive is calling for volunteers to serve in a variety of roles.  Email your LinkedIn URL to the Ontario Region President and Ontario Region Vice-President email addresses above and let us know what type of work you’re interested in.
  • Executive Committee Acclaimed: (Nov. 8, 2022) The IAEM-Canada – Ontario Region Executive Committee has been acclaimed. Damien Coakeley will serve as President and Simon Wells will serve as Vice President for a period of two years.

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