Certification Appeals Procedure

Certification Appeal Definition

An appeal is a request for review of a decision to grant or deny certification by the Commission.  An appeal may be made on the grounds that the decision conflicted with certification program applicant evaluation procedures or on other grounds to include, but not limited to:

  • Substantial errors were made in processing the material.
  • Commission's guidelines were not followed.
  • Candidate disagrees with the evaluation.

Procedure for Initiating an Appeal

If an applicant wishes to appeal the decision of the Commission, the applicant must request an appeal in writing via e-mail to info@iaem.com within 60 calendar days of being notified of the Commission’s decision.  The following materials are to be enclosed with the letter requesting an appeal:

  1. A copy of the Commission’s decision and any other pertinent documentation; and
  2. A statement clearly identifying the reasons for the appeal.

Procedure for Reviewing an Appeal

Upon receipt of a request for an appeal, the following actions will be taken:

  1. Commission staff will acknowledge receipt of the materials and indicate if additional materials are needed from the appellant.  Such acknowledgment will occur within 60 days of the date of postmark of the appeal request.
  2. Working with staff, the Commission Chair will select three impartial Commissioners to serve on an Appeals Panel for review of the case.  (Commissioners who reviewed the original application, or the resubmission application are not eligible to sit on the Appeals Panel).
  3. Commission staff will distribute copies of all documents related to the appellant's original submission, resubmission, and any other supporting documentation to the Appeals Subcommittee.
  4. The Appeals Panel will make its decision based on a review of the materials and has the option of requesting an interview with the appellant.  This may be done virtually or in person; all expenses involved in facilitating such an interview will be borne by the appellant prior to considering the appeal.
  5.  After the Appeals Panel reviews the materials and completes any interviews, each member of Appeals Panel shall individually render a decision to uphold or deny the appeal. 
  6.  Once Commission Staff receives all the decisions, the Appeals Panel will convene to reach a final decision. In the event the appeal is upheld, the preceding Commission action is reversed.  If the appeal is denied, the preceding Commission action stands.
  7. The Appeals Panel will prepare a summary report of its findings.  All members of the Appeals Panel will sign the report. 
  8. IAEM Staff will send the summary report to the Certification Commission Chair for review and approval.
  9. Within 10 days following the Chair’s approval, the appellant will be so notified.
  10. The decision of the Appeals Panel is binding. 

Cost of Appeal

Appellants will bear all costs and expenses associated with their appeal of a Commission decision.

Legal Considerations

IAEM Legal Counsel will support the work of the Appeals Panel, the Commission, and the Association, as necessary.

Tracking and Records Appeal

All Appeals will be tracked on the appropriate bi-monthly review tracking form. The notes column of the tracking form will record any actions undertaken to resolve the appeal.

Corrective Action

If a corrective action is identified during the appeals process, Commission staff will work with the Certification Commission Chair to implement an improvement plan and document the action to the Commission.


Submission, investigation, and decision on appeals shall not result in any discriminatory actions against the appellant.