Student Chapters

Student Chapters

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Start a Student Chapter

To start a student chapter at your university or college, please download the "Student Chapter in a Box" documents. Included are step-by-step instructions, as well as all the paperwork and contact information that you need. The basic steps are:

Annual Renewal Forms

Please submit the following annual Student Chapter renewal forms to Rebecca Campbell:


If you have any questions about the materials that are provided, please e-mail your name, the name of your college or university, and any questions to Rebecca Campbell.


Request Changes/Updates to a Student Chapter Web Page

To request updates to your IAEM Student Chapter web page, the designated officer for your chapter should email changes or updates to IAEM Student Staff Liaison Rebecca Campbell.


IAEM Student Chapters Index

Student Chapters That Have Completed Annual Renewal

Student Chapters Pending Annual Renewal

The below chapters have been contacted and are pending renewal documents. If you have any questions, please contact Rebecca Campbell.

Student Chapters That Have Provided No Valid Email Address

IAEM HQ tried to reach these chapters, but the contact email address we had on file is not valid. We need a current contact name and email address, as well as your completed renewal documents. Please send renewal documents to Rebecca Campbell at IAEM Headquarters to continue to be listed as a chapter.






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