IAEM-USA Bylaws Vote - 2024


All IAEM-USA Council Individual, Affiliate, Emerging Professionals, and Lifetime members are invited to vote on the proposed IAEM-USA Bylaws amendments. To pass, these proposed amendments must receive support by two-thirds of those members voting.

Voting Period

The voting period will be open for 30 days, and the deadline for voting is Monday, March 18, 2024, at 5:00 p.m. EDT.

Be Informed

Voting members are encouraged to read the information provided on this page and view the documents linked below prior to voting online, so that they know the specifics of the changes and the rationale behind the proposed amendments.


Proposed Amendment 1

IAEM-USA Bylaw Article IV, Section 9.A. currently sets forth the Qualifications of IAEM-USA Officers and Regional Presidents. The IAEM-USA Bylaws Committee has proposed the following amendments to IAEM-USA Bylaw Article IV, Section 9.A (added language is underlined).


Section 9. Qualifications of Officers & Regional Presidents

A. To be elected or appointed as a national officer, a member shall meet the following requiements:

  1. Have been an individual member for a minimum of two consecutive years prior to seeking office.
  2. Served as a regional officer, committee or caucus chair, or been an active committee or caucus member for two consecutive years.
  3. Have obtained and will maintain throughout the term an Associate Emergency Manager (AEM®) or Certified Emergency Manager (CEM®) as conferred by the IAEM Certification Program.
  4. In order to be placed on the ballot for election to office, the person must also meet the qualifications as establlished in the Administrative Policies and Procedures.

Proposed Amendment 2

IAEM-USA Bylaw Article IV, Section 13

The IAEM-USA Bylaws Committee has proposed the following new section and language as an addition to USA Bylaw Article IV (added language is underlined).


Section 13. Removal of Directors

  1. Removal of Officers: An IAEM-USA Officer may be removed for cause by a two-thirds vote of the remaining voting members of the Board of Directors, at any regular or special meeting of the Board where a quorum is present. An officer may be removed only at a meeting for which the meeting notice shall state that the purpose, or one of the purposes, of the meeting is removal of the officer. The removal must also be placed on the agenda for the meeting.
  2. Removal of Regional Presidents:  If the Board of Directors votes to remove an IAEM-USA director who is a Regional President, the Association shall submit to the voting members of that region a ballot by which the region’s members will be provided the opportunity to vote for or against the Regional Director’s removal. The written or electronic ballot must be presented to the region’s eligible voting membership only and such member vote completed within 30 days of the Board’s initial vote to remove the Regional President. The decision of the region’s eligible voting membership on the removal shall be conclusive of the matter. Removal of the Regional Director by vote of the members in their region shall thereafter preclude that Regional Director from serving as a director of the Association.
  3. Member Initiated Removal: Members of the Association may file with the Board of Directors a petition to remove a director for cause. A petition requesting that a vote be held to remove a director must be signed by no less than ten percent of the members eligible to vote. When a petition meeting this requirement is filed with the Board, the Association shall prepare and present a ballot of its voting membership to cast their votes for or against the director’s removal. The removal ballot must be submitted to the voting membership within 30 days of the date on which the petition is filed with the Board. A two-thirds vote of those members casting votes on the removal ballot is required to remove the director. Only members who are eligible to vote on matters properly placed before the membership as provided in these Bylaws are authorized to vote on removal. If the director is a Regional President, only members of that region who are eligible to vote may petition to remove them and participate in the vote to remove. Removal of the director shall thereafter preclude that individual from serving as a director of the Association.


Document Review

Members are encouraged to review these documents prior to voting on the proposed amendments:



All Affiliate, Individual, and Lifetime members receive an email with a ballot to vote on the changes to the bylaws. If you haven’t received your ballot, please contact IAEM Elections Liaison Raei Tesfazghi.

Questions or requests for assistance regarding voting should also be emailed to IAEM Elections Liaison Raei Tesfazghi.