Application FAQs



Where do I find the application checklist with essay questions?

The application checklist for each application type is found on the Scholarship Application Information webpage. Look below the section with the links to the application to find a page section on checklists..

Who is eligible to apply? 

Students working towards degrees in emergency management, disaster management, or a closely-related field of study.

Do you have to be a U.S. citizen to apply for an IAEM Scholarship? 

No, anyone anywhere in the world that is working toward a degree in emergency management, disaster management or a closely related field of study may apply for a scholarship.

May students earning Associate degrees (or Diploma in Canada) apply for the scholarship? 

If the student is attending school full-time per their program of study, they are eligible to apply and should use the Undergraduate Application.

Are graduate students eligible to apply for a scholarship?

Students working toward Masters or Doctorate level degrees are eligible to apply. The student may be attending school as a full- or part-time student.

Are students in graduate certificate programs eligible to apply? 

Certificate programs are not considered degrees. Therefore, a student working solely on a certificate would not be eligible. If the student is working on a graduate degree in a closely related field of study and simultaneously working on a qualifying certificate, they are eligible to apply.

May I apply if I am a current student who is graduating after the application deadline, but not be in school when the award is made?

No. Awards are made to students who are in school at the time of the award. If you will be graduating after the application deadline and before the award is made, you are not eligible to receive a scholarship.

May I apply if I want to go to school in an eligible program, but have not yet been accepted?

Students must be actively working toward a degree in emergency management, disaster management, or a closely related field of study prior to submitting an application to the IAEM Scholarship Program. If you have been accepted into a graduate study program, you may apply. You will need to show proof that you have been accepted and also proof that you are enrolled in the future program. You would provide an undergraduate transcript.

How many credits make me a full-time graduate or undergraduate student?

Programs vary around the world. Therefore, IAEM requires students to have their program of study to verify whether they are a full- or part-time student. Most colleges and universities have a form used to verify student status. If your school does not use a standard form, a letter from the registrar will be accepted.

Where should documents be sent that are being provided by third parties (i.e. people providing references, employers, professors, or volunteer leaders)?

If a person providing a reference chooses not to give it directly to the student for uploading in the application portal, it may be emailed to the Scholarship Program director at dawn@iaem.com

How can I supply an Official Transcript to IAEM? 

Official Transcripts may be issued to IAEM via a secure link for download sent by the Registrar or other official University/College body. The link may be emailed to the Scholarship Program director at dawn@iaem.com. If e-transcripts are not available, the Official Transcript may be mailed to: International Association of Emergency Managers, Attn: Dawn Shiley, Scholarship Program Director, 9915 Molloy Way, Warrenton, VA 20186.

How much is given for each scholarship?

The amount given in scholarships varies from year-to-year. IAEM only uses money earned as interest on the endowment fund and money donated during the current year specifically as a dedicated donation for a named scholarship. Since the interest varies annually, the amounts are set after the review. We currently strive to keep scholarships at $1,500 or more. Click here to see a complete list of all former awardees and the amounts given.

How many essays must I submit, and may I choose any topic?

Each applicant must submit two essays. They must be formatted per the guidelines in the Application Instructions. The essay questions are included on the Application Checklist. Be sure to download and use the Application Checklist appropriate for the application being submitted.