IAEM-USA Leadership

The officers of the IAEM-USA Council make up the Executive Committee: President; First Vice President (President-Elect); Second Vice President; Immediate Past President; Treasurer; Secretary; and a Member-at-Large selected by the 11 IAEM Regional Presidents from among themselves.

  * IAEM-USA President
Teri Smith, CEM, CPM
Manager, Organizational Emergency Preparedness
   and Safety
LMH Health
Lawrence, Kansas

  * IAEM-USA Secretary
Carrie L. Speranza, CEM
Response Program Manager
DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management
Springfield, Virginia

* IAEM-USA Treasurer
Hugh A. Daniels, MBA, CEM, UCEM
Managing Partner
Ask Hugh, LLC - Emergency Management Consulting
Dana Point, California

  * IAEM-USA First Vice President
Judson M. Freed, MA, CEM
Ramsey County Emergency Management and
   Homeland Security
St. Paul, Minnesota


* IAEM-USA Second Vice President
Carolyn J. Harshman, MPA, CEM

Emergency Planning Consultants
San Diego, California


* IAEM-USA Immediate Past President
Martha D. "Marty" Shaub, CEM, UCEM
Managing Director, Environmental Health and Safety, Retired
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah


* IAEM-USA Executive Director
Elizabeth B. Armstrong, CAE (ex-officio)
201 Park Washington Court
Falls Church, Virginia 22046-4527
(703) 538-1795; F: (703) 241-5603


IAEM-USA Regional Presidents


IAEM-USA Region 1 President
Justin Kates, CEM
Director of Emergency Management
City of Nashua, New Hampshire
Region 1 web page


IAEM-USA Region 2 President
Anthony S. Mangeri, MPA, CPM, CEM

Chief Operating Officer
Mangeri Group, LLC
Woodbury, New Jersey
Region 2 web page


IAEM-USA Region 3 President
Walter English, III, MS, CEM, VaPEM
Emergency Manager
City of Fairfax, Virginia
Region 3 web page


IAEM-USA Region 4 President
Daniel Hahn, MA, MBA, CEM, FPEM
Director of Safety
Santa Rosa County School District
Milton, Florida
Region 4 web page


IAEM-USA Region 5 President
Brad Gilbert, OCEM
Union County Emergency Management Agency
Marysville, Ohio
Region 5 web page


IAEM-USA Region 6 President
Jamie Galloway, MS, CEM, TEM

Emergency Management Coordinator
City of Nassau Bay
Nassau Bay, Texas
Region 6 web page


IAEM-USA Region 7 President
Paul W. Johnson, MS
Douglas County Emergency Management Agency

Omaha, Nebraska
Region 7 web page


IAEM-USA Region 8 President
Jim Buchanan, MPA, CEM, UCEM
Faculty Member
Salt Lake Community Colleges’ Homeland Security and Emergency Management Program
Brigham City, Utah
Region 8 web page


IAEM-USA Region 9 President
Yuri V. Graves, MS, CEM
IAEM-USA Region 9 President
Emergency Manager
University Police Services, Southern Command
(University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and Nevada
   State College)
Las Vegas, Nevada
Region 9 web page


IAEM-USA Region 10 President
Sarah K. Miller, MPA, CEM
Emergency Management Coordinator, King County Zone 3
Adjunct Professor of Emergency Management at Pierce College, WA,
and at Georgetown University in Washington, DC
Auburn, Washington
Region 10 web page


* = Executive Committee


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