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Yuri V. Graves, MS, CEM
IAEM-USA Region 9 President

Emergency Manager
University Police Services, Southern Command
(University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and Nevada
State College)
Las Vegas, Nevada


Todd Whitney
IAEM-USA Region 9 Vice President

Director of Emergency Management
Coconino County
Flagstaff, Arizona

Region 9 includes
: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, and the Pacific Trust Territories, including American Samoa, Guam, and the Northern Mariana Islands.

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  • Call for Nominations for IAEM-USA Region 9 Vice President (17 Oct 2019)
    In the regular IAEM-USA Region 9 officers’ election earlier this year, no nominations were received for the position of 2019-2021 Region 9 Vice President. A special election will be held to fill this position. This call for nominations will be posted on the Region 9 web page.

    Call for Nominations
    Nominations are now being accepted for the position of 2019-2021 Region 9 Vice President position. Candidates must submit all required nomination materials credentials by 5:00 p.m. Eastern time, on Monday, Oct. 28, 2019, to Karen Thompson, IAEM elections facilitator, at Thompson@iaem.com.

    Role and Responsibilities
    Please refer to the IAEM-USA Region 9 Bylaws to learn about the role and responsibilities of the Region 9 Vice President position. The winning candidate will serve the 2019-2021 term of office, with their term beginning at the IAEM 2019 Annual Conference.

    Submit Regional Officer Credentials
    To be placed on the ballot, candidates must submit all of the following by email to Karen Thompson, Thompson@iaem.com by 5:00 p.m. Eastern time, Monday, Oct. 28, 2019.
    • A candidate statement in Word or text format: A candidate statement should tell the regional members why you are qualified to be an officer (related experience whether work or non-work related) and what you hope to accomplish during your term of office if elected.
    • Your complete contact information: name, title, agency/company, mailing address, city/state, phone number, and email address.
    • A photo provided as an image attachment to the candidate’s nomination email (in an image format, such as jpg, png, tif)

    Region 9 Officer Candidate Eligibility
    To be elected or appointed to an office, a member shall meet the following requirements: 

    • Must be a current IAEM member in good standing with dues paid for the current period and be either working in or residing in the geographic area of IAEM-USA Region 9.
    • Must have been an Individual IAEM-USA member for a minimum of two consecutive years immediately prior to seeking office.
    • Must meet the qualifications as established in the IAEM-USA Administrative Policies & Procedures.
    • Cannot hold and cannot run for more than one office at a time.


    Voting Period

    The online voting period has been scheduled for Friday, Nov. 1, 2019, 9:00 a.m. Eastern time through Friday, Thursday, Nov. 14, 2019, 5:00 p.m. Eastern time.

    If you have any questions, please contact Karen Thompson, Thompson@iaem.com.

  • Results of Region 9 Officers Election (13 Oct 2017) Carolyn Harshman, MPA, CEM, was reelected as Region 9 President, and Todd Whitney was elected as Region 9 Vice President, in the election ending Oct. 13, 2017.
  • Leslie Luke to Serve as Region 9 Vice President (27 Feb 2016) Leslie Luke, Deputy Director, Los Angeles County Office of Emergency Management, has accepted an appointment as Vice President of Region 9. He was appointed by Region 9 President Carolyn Harshman.
  • Results of IAEM-USA Officers Election and Bylaws Vote (05 Nov 2015) The IAEM-USA Region 9 officers election and bylaws vote ended on Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2015, at 5:00 p.m. Eastern time. Carolyn Harshman, MPA, CEM, was elected as Region 9 President and will take office at the IAEM 2015 Annual Conference. The two Region 9 Bylaws amendments were approved, and the final version has been posted.
  • IAEM-USA Region 9 Participates in IAEM-USA Sponsorship of FIRST® LEGO® League (06 Nov 2013) IAEM-USA is proud to be a Sponsor of FIRST® LEGO® League, and encourages all IAEM-USA members to get involved in developing tomorrow’s technology leaders today! In the 2013 NATURE’S FURY? Challenge, over 200,000 children ages 9 to 16* from over 70 countries will explore the awe-inspiring storms, quakes, waves and more that we call natural disasters. Teams will discover what can be done when intense natural events meet the places people live, work, and play.

    Members are being asked to speak to the team members, give tours of their EOC's or other requested activities. Region 9 has received several of these requests and we are asking Region 9 members to support the project. Please contact Region 9 Vice President Carolyn Levering if you would like to participate. We have received requests from the following areas:

    • Thousand Oaks, CA
    • Clovis, CA
    • Costa Mesa, CA
    • East Sacramento, CA
    • Modesto, CA
    • South Los Angeles, CA
    • Cerritos, CA
    • Tucson, AZ
    • Huntington Beach, CA

More information can also be found at these sites:
FIRST® LEGO® League Nature's Fury Challenge
IAEM Bulletin, October 2013, page 2

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and willingness to participate!

  • IAEM-USA Officers Election Results (07 Oct 2013) The IAEM-USA Region 9 officers election closed at 12:00 p.m. (noon) Pacific time, Friday, Oct. 4, 2013. A total of 97 Region 9 members voted in this election. Nick Crossley, CEM, was elected as IAEM-USA Region 9 President, and Carolyn Levering, CEM, was re-elected as IAEM-USA Region 9 Vice President. New USA regional officers will take office at the IAEM 2013 Annual Conference, Oct. 25-20, 2013, Reno, Nevada.

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