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Supporting the whole community by enhancing the resiliency of IAEM-R9 members through information sharing and networking to provide collaboration between emergency management sectors and value to the communities we serve.

NOTE: IAEM member privacy is an IAEM priority. Members may use the IAEM Directory to access regional officer phone numbers and addresses. Search now.


Elected Officials

IAEM-USA Region 9 President
Todd DeVoe, CEM

Titan HST
IAEM-USA Region 9 Vice President
Troy Lutrick, CEM

Director of Emergency Management
City of Scottsdale Arizona
IAEM-USA Immediate Past President
Yuri V. Graves, MS, CEM

Emergency Management Specialist
Dept. of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration - Nevada Field Office

IAEM-USA Region 9 Treasurer
Lindsey Bartlett, CEM

Assistant Director, Emergency Management and Security
The Venetian Resort / Las Vegas Sands Corporation

IAEM-USA Region 9 Secretary
Jackie Koci Tamayo, CEM

Senior Emergency Planning Coordinator
County of Santa Clara – Office of Emergency Management


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Region Talk Webinar


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Bravo Zulu

Our Region 9 Challenge Coin has arrived! 

Our first recipient is the coin's designer,
Jorge Rodriguez! 

Bravo Zulu, Jorge!

Michael Ramirez, Region 9 member, received a
coin for his efforts in the San Bernardino County EOC.

Lt. Col. Brett Compston received a 2020 Region 9 Presidential Citation for serving as Incident Commander for the State of Nevada's response to and initial recovery from COVID-19

Rick Filippuzzi, MEP, received recognition as the 2020 Santa Clara County 
Emergency Manager of the Year.

R9 Challenge Coin presented to the Nevada Division of Emergency Management.

R9 Challenge Coin presented the City of Las Vegas Emergency Management Office.

R9 Challenge Coin presented to Zuzzette Bricker.

R9 Challenge Coin presented to Sonoma County DEM.

Region 9 Photos

Region 9 President Yuri Graves, and Region 9 VP Todd Whitney
are ready to make Region 9 the best that it can be!

Orlando Machuca, Region 9 member and Red Cross volunteer, was virtually deployed to the Planning Section in support of the Texas winter storm response.

Washoe County NV EOC COVID briefing

ESSENTIAL: A Year Inside LA County’s Mobilization Against COVID-19 from Los Angeles County Newsroom on Vimeo.
One year ago, Los Angeles County declared a COVID-19 emergency. Since Mar. 4, 2020, Los Angeles County has mobilized to meet our residents’ needs during the pandemic. This short video highlights the work of our disaster service workers and their continuing public service.

Maddi Wisler, Region 9 member, will be joining the EM Program at ASU as an instructor.

City of Moreno Valley EOC Briefing

City of Moreno Valley EOC Conference Call

Photos from the Office of Emergency Management and Volunteer Services,
City of Moreno Valley, California

Front Line Mask Makers,
Moreno Valley, CA  

Moval Meals Community Delivery,
Moreno Valley, CA

Inland Chinese-American Alliance,
Moreno Valley, CA