About the IAEM-Canada Council

The IAEM-Canada Council includes IAEM members in all provinces and territories across Canada.

The IAEM-Canada Region became the first region outside the United States in 2003 under the previous IAEM organizational structure. Marg Verbeek, CEM, was the first IAEM President from outside the United States (2005-2006). The IAEM-Canada Region became the IAEM-Canada Council (one of seven Councils worldwide) in 2007, when the current organizational structure went into effect. The IAEM-Canada president serves as the representative of the Council on the IAEM-Global Board.

IAEM-Canada Council Presidents

2006-2008 John Ash
2008-2009 Ali Asgary, Ph.D.
2009-2011 Catherine Blair, CEM
2011-2013 John Saunders
2014-2017 Rebecca Wade, CEM
2017-2019 Greg Solecki, CEM
2019-2021  Paula Gibson
2021-2023 Scott Roberts
2023-present Eustace (Sam) Roberts

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