Professional Development Training Certificate

Professional Development Training Certificate (PDTC)

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About the IAEM Professional Development Training Certificate (PDTC)

By earning an IAEM Professional Development Certificate, you demonstrate to your employer, peers, and the people you serve that you are committed to the highest level of emergency management. You are competent in core skills and have learned the best practices from experienced emergency managers throughout the world. No matter what happens in your community, you are confident that you have the technical and leadership ability to guide your organization through the response and recovery process.

This certificate is built upon the time-honored U.S. Professional Development Series, developed after extensive research by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Courses, objectives and emphasis has been modified as necessary to suit international audiences.

The certificate is available at various levels and is progressive in nature, meaning you complete the Core Skills training before progressing to the next level, so you can both have a plan of progress and receive recognition along the way. Currently available are the two courses introduced below.

1. IAEM PDTC Core Skills 2-Day Course

About the Core Skills Course

The IAEM PDTC Core Skills 2-Day Course is ready for delivery in your country or region. It includes an introduction to the levels and phases of managing emergencies for your organization – whether government or business – and demonstrates how to set up an emergency management program through preparedness, response and recovery. This training will cover the following topics:

  • Fundamentals of Emergency Management
  • Prevention, Protection, and Mitigation
  • Emergency Planning
  • Recovery
  • Emergency Management Exercises
  • Introduction to Response Concepts
  • Levels, Responsibilities, and Organizational Principles
  • Exercise Preparation and Conduct

Who Should Participate

The Core Skills 2-Day Course is intended for both new and seasoned emergency managers from government, military, businesses, and volunteer organizations.

2. IAEM Executive Level 1-Day PDTC Symposium

About the Symposium

The 1-Day IAEM PDTC Symposium for Emergency Management Leaders and Executives provides concise practical skills training to help any leader address, resolve, and recover from whatever crisis endangers the organization. This symposium will cover:

  • Organizational Development & Leadership in Emergency Management
  • Key Leadership Functions
  • Major Event Planning
  • Engaging, Empowering, and Reflecting One’s Community as a Leader
  • Leading Resilience
  • Case Studies (leadership, lessons learned that have impact)
  • Interactive Leadership Simulation (tabletop)

Who Should Attend

The 1-Day Symposium for Emergency Management Leaders and Executives is intended for emergency management leaders and executives from government, military, private sector, and volunteer organizations.

Prerequisites for Courses

There are no specific prerequisites for this certificate program. Participants who are familiar with emergency management laws, policies and response protocols of their nation will be best able to apply concepts learned in the training to their particular situation.


Participants in the Global Emergency Management Core Course will be evaluated on their participation in the class exercises as well as on a case study short answer and multiple choice evaluation. Successful completion of the course results in a Core Level IAEM Certificate in Global Emergency Management.

Participants in the The Global Symposium for Emergency Management Leaders and Executives will receive a certificate of completion. This may be used for elective credit for the Global Professional Development Certificate.

Both courses can also be used in meeting the training requirements for obtaining the internationally-recognized IAEM Certified Emergency Manager (CEM®) and Associate Emergency Manager (AEM®) credentials.


For more information or to make arrangements for hosting a PDTC course, please contact:

Clay D. Tyeryar, MAM, CAE
Deputy Director/EMEX Director
International Association of Emergency Managers
201 Park Washington Court
Falls Church, VA 22046-4527
clay@iaem.com | 703-538-1795, ext. 7