Access and Whole Community Inclusion

IAEM-USA Access and Whole Community Inclusion Caucus

Caucus Chair:

Anne-Marie McLaughlin, CEM, MEP, CBCP

Caucus Vice Chair:
Sadie Martinez

Caucus Secretary:
pending selection

Reference Librarian:
Howard Pierpont

Board Liaison:
Robert W. Hill, CEM, IAEM-USA Region 8 President, iaem.R8@iaem.com

Staff Liaison:
Raei Tesfazghi, raei@iaem.com

IAEM-USA members interested in participating in this caucus should email the caucus staff liaison and tell them how you can contribute to or learn from this committee's important work.

2021 Access & Inclusion Caucus Meetings:

Purpose Statement

The IAEM-USA Access & Inclusion Caucus is committed to addressing and advocating the inclusion of and servicing the needs of the nation’s access and functional needs population before, during and following disasters and emergencies.


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