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IAEM, along with many leading organizations endorse text for inclusion in the Emergency Warning Services in the Global Digital Compact (22 April 2023) The Global Digital Compact is expected to "outline shared principles for an open, free, and secure digital future for all. Complex digital issues that could be addressed may include: reaffirming the fundamental commitment to connecting the unconnected; avoiding fragmentation of the Internet; providing people with options as to how their data is used; application of human rights online; and promoting a trustworthy Internet by introducing accountability criteria for discrimination and misleading content." IAEM has joined with standards bodies, government agencies, NGOs, and companies involved in emergency alerting to endorse including, "timely warning of life-critical emergencies is essential to public communications services," in the Global Digital Compact. View the organizations endorsing this statement and their comments

IAEM-USA President featured in Disaster Zone Podcast (4 Apr 2023) IAEM-USA President Cathy Clark was interviewed by Eric Holdeman on the Disaster Zone Podcast. In this podcast, Cathy Clark, the President of IAEM shares a great deal of information on how IAEM is organized, who the membership is comprised of and all the different ways that emergency management professionals of all stripes can become members, including those already working in the profession and others aspiring to become emergency managers. 

IAEM Bulletin 2021 special focus issue topics announced; first topic is ‘COVID-19: Emergency Management a Year Later’ with articles due by Mar. 3(09 Mar 2021) The IAEM Editorial Committee has announced the 2021 special focus topics for the IAEM Bulletin, the association’s official monthly newsletter. At least four times a year, the IAEM Bulletin includes a special focus section on a selected topic of interest to emergency management professionals This year the overall focus will be on various aspects of the 2021 conference theme, “IAEM 2021: Looking Back to Look Ahead,” and the first special focus topic to appear in our April issue will be “COVID-19: Emergency Management a Year Later.” A year ago, we were struggling with even calling COVID-19 a problem. How have the experiences of dealing with the pandemic influenced you and your approach to emergency management? What have we learned about ourselves and the opportunities for growth, development, change and synergy as we move into the next new normal? The article submission deadline is Mar. 31, 2021. Email articles 750 to 1,500 words in Word or text format to IAEM Bulletin Editor Karen Thompson. Visit the IAEM Bulletin webpage to learn about the rest of the 2021 special focus issue topics.


Witt O’Brien’s offers new scholarship and internship opportunities for HBCU students (20 Jan 2021) Witt O’Brien’s has announced a new opportunity this year that is specifically for students who attend Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU). Two applicants will receive the “Resilience Through Diversity Award,” which will provide them with both a $5,000 scholarship and a paid $5,000 summer internship with Witt O’Brien’s. Download flyer for details and student eligibility. The application form and required attachments are available on Witt O’Brien’s website. The application deadline is Jan. 31, 2021

Volunteers Needed to Participate in Emergency Management Job Analysis (19 Jan 2021) IAEM is seeking volunteers representing all functions of emergency management and all EM job types such as within the military, local-state-federal-tribal governments, campus-based, within healthcare systems, private sector and others to participate in an updated job analysis for emergency managers. A job analysis is a systematic process used to identify the tasks, duties, responsibilities and working conditions associated with a job and the knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics required to perform that job. The selected subject matter experts will be expected to participate in approximately 16 hours of virtual work sessions (likely in February 2021, dates are TBD based on panelist availability), guided by a facilitator to identify the knowledge and skills of emergency managers. There will be some light follow-up work needed this spring (about 2-3 hours). To apply: All volunteers must be working full-time in the field of emergency management. Individuals will be notified of the results after the deadline and selection. Complete this Google Form by Jan. 24. Questions can be directed to IAEM Program Manager Kate McClimans at KMcClimans@iaem.com.


IAEM-USA President's Statement on the IAEM-USA Annual Conference (May 4, 2020)

How to Help Australia Now (12 Jan 2020) The devastating wildfires rapidly spreading through Australia have killed at least 25 people and half a million animals. Fires have burned more than 12 million acres of land and destroyed almost 2,000 homes. These numbers will increase. Many are asking how we can help Australia during the rapidly spreading bushfire disaster. In the midst of a disaster, financial assistance is always what is most in demand. Here are some organizations that are helping people, firefighters, and wildlife now.