Request Modifications

Request Modifications

IAEM is committed to providing individuals with disabilities an equal opportunityto participate in and benefit from IAEM programs, activities, and services.

Individuals may request reasonable accommodations from IAEM that they believe will enable them to have such equal opportunity to participate in our programs, activities, and services.

To request reasonable accommodations, please contact IAEM Headquarters at info@iaem.com.

You may request reasonable accommodation from IAEM at any time. However, making the request in advance of a meeting, conference call, or visit will help ensure that IAEM is able to fulfill the request for accommodation.

For certain requests, such as requests for sign language interpretation or guides, IAEM requests at least four (4) week’s advance notice. IAEM may contact you to obtain more information about your request and to understand your needs better. In addition, IAEM may review your request to determine:

  • Whether the requested accommodation will be effective in allowing you to participate in the activity or program in which you are seeking participation;
  • Whether the requested accommodation is reasonable, or an equally effective alternative to the requested accommodation is available; and
  • Whether providing you with the requested accommodation would fundamentally alter the nature of IAEM’s program or impose undue financial or administrative burdens on IAEM.

If IAEM determines that your requested accommodation would fundamentally alter the nature of the program or impose an undue financial or administrative burden, IAEM may deny your request. However, in the unlikely event that this occurs, IAEM will work with you to identify an alternative accommodation that allows you to effectively participate in the IAEM program, activity, or service.