IAEM-USA Diversity Committee

Committee Chair
Leslie Luke

Committee Vice Chair
pending selection

Board Liaison
Walter English, III, MS, CEM, VaPEM
IAEM-USA Region 3 President, iaem.r3@iaem.com

Staff Liaison 
Chelsea Steadman, chelsea@iaem.com

IAEM-USA members interested in participating in this committee should email the committee staff liaison and tell them how you can contribute to or learn from this committee's important work.

Committee Members

Zeina Abouelazm
Carol Adams, CEM
Jennifer A. Adams
Annah Akasa
David Alamia
Osman Aloyo
Vermecia Alsop
Anthony Anderson
Hortensia Anderson
Cedric Andria
Lucy Angelis
Beth Armstrong
Heather Beal
Andrea Beltran
Freddie Bizzell, Jr.
Christine Brown
Curtis Brown
Paula Buchanan
John Burnap
Ronald Campbell
Raymond Cheung, CEM
Bettina Coleman, CEM
Eileen Connors
Terry D. Cooper
Winford Cropper
Nick Crossley, CEM
Vegas Curry
Hugh Daniels, CEM
Vincent B. Davis, CEM
R. De La Concha
Angela Devlen
Savannah Emerich, AVF, CTR
Walter English
Sylvia E. Farrington
Suzanne Frew
Ronnie Gill
Tyra Gore
John Ha
Steven Hanneman
Alexandra Harris
Carolyn J. Harshman
Derrick Hiebert
Jody Hodge
David J. Hubeny
S. Hunter
Brittany Giles- Jones
Joseph Jones, CEM
Misti Kill
Tammi Keen
Deb Knickerbocker
Heather  M. Kostecki

John Laine
Patrick Laverty
Amber Liggett
Maria Lujan
Leslie Luke
Dr. Jacqueline McBride, CEM, CPM
Sedrick McDaniel
Anne Marie McLaughlin
Torey McNeil
Ryan Medicus
Meloyde R. Batten-Mickens
Jackie Nicholl
Kenneth Padgett
C. Jane Pearce
Peter Perez
Scot Phelps
Cecile Pinto
Judith Weshinsky-Price
Jamie C. Quarrelles, HSEMA
Alex Quintela
Amy Ramirez
Joseph Ramos
Antoine Richards
Heidi Rosofsky, GVC-DAFN
Edie Schaffer
Susamma Seeley
Jacquelyn Seth
Delores Scott
Renuka Persad Shah
Simran K. Singh
Kevin Sligh
Manuel Soto
Netta Squires
Ellis Stanley
Grelia Steele
Anthony Stevens
Pete Sturner
Muniru Sumbeida
Lisa Swanson
Dr. Alain Blaise Tatsinkou, TSIP
Mallory Townsend
Jonryan Torres
Corey Walters
Brenda Webber
C. Wilbert
K. Wimberley
Keith Whiteside
Chauncia Willis
Sam Winningham
Waheeda Yousofzoy

Purpose Statement

To provide effective and useful information to IAEM members at all levels regarding research and trends on diversity and inclusion that can improve the delivery of concepts, communications and services to different populations.

New Members

The IAEM-USA Diversity Committee welcomes new members from the emergency management community, private sector and educational institutions.

Committee Meetings

The committee meets via conference call on the first Wednesday of the month, at 12:00 p.m./3:00 p.m. Eastern time.

Committee Documents

Committee Webinars

July 6, 2016, 3:00-4:30 p.m. EDT
IAEM-USA Diversity Ad Hoc Committee Webinar: "Hate Crimes"

Robin Toma, Executive Director, Commission on Human Relations and Assistant Director, Human Relations Branch for the County of Los Angeles, will speak about the latest annual report on hate crimes in the County of Los Angeles. Although hate crimes in LA County reached the second lowest number in 25 years, the rate of violence in sexual orientation crimes climbed from 71 to 81%, the highest since 2003. Anti-transgender hate crime continued to be the most violent of any major targeted group, with 93% of all such crimes being of a violent nature. Recent events such as civil unrest, domestic terrorism or lone wolf attacks are expanding the scope of emergency management. Understanding one’s community and issues can assist in planning for novel events.
Background Information: Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations 2014 Hate Crime Report


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