Canada Council Leadership

Canada Council Leadership

IAEM-Canada President
IAEM-Global Membership & Marketing Director
Gregory W. Solecki, CEM, CBCP, MCML
Emergency Management Leadership
Calgary, AB, Canada


IAEM-Canada Vice President
Scott Roberts

Associate Director
Sandhurst Consulting
Calgary, AB


IAEM-Canada Secretary
Ryna Brideau-Thombs

Manager, EM and Business Resilience
EPCOR Utilities, Inc.
Edmonton, AB

IAEM-Canada Treasurer 
Amanda Thibert

Financial Accountant
Acton Ostry Architects Inc.
Vancouver, BC

Immediate Past IAEM-Canada President
Rebecca Wade, BSc. EM, CEM, CBCP 
Inter Pipeline Ltd.
Calgary, AB


Appointed Directors:


IAEM-Canada Representative to North American CEM Application Review Commission
Sherry D Hiriart, CEM
Disaster Mgmt. Instructor/Mktg. Manager
Canadian Red Cross/Stamm Investments Ltd.
Kitchener, ON, Canada


IAEM-Canada Representative to the IAEM Scholarship Commission
Dr. Aaida Mamuji
Assistant Professor in Disaster and Emergency Management, York University
Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade & Development
2013-2014 Cadieux-
Léger Fellow
Toronto, ON, Canada


Director of IAEM-Canada Governance Committee
Paula Gibson, ABCP, AEMCA

Crisis and Emergency Management Coordinator,
Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations
A Glencore Company
Sudbury, ON, Canada

Director of IAEM-Canada Partnership Engagement Committee
Jim Montgomery 
Program Manager
Office of Emergency Management
City of Ottawa, ON Canada

Director of IAEM-Canada Professional Development Committee
Michelle Sullivan
Brampton, ON, Canada


Director of IAEM-Canada Membership Committee
Scott Davis, MA
Waterloo, ON, Canada


Director of IAEM-Canada Communications and Marketing Committee
Sharf Chowdhury‎, B.Sc. (ADES), CEM
Emergency Management Coordinator
Saint John Area - Horizon Health Network
Saint John Regional Hospital
Saint John, NB, Canada


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