Who IAEM is For

Who is Membership For?

IAEM Membership is for professionals who...

  • Are in the field of emergency management (mitigation, preparedness, response, and/or recovery).
  • Are interested in protecting lives and property through an all-hazards approach.
  • Are concerned with national security.
  • Have an emergency management/ civil defense assignment in government, the military, and industry or volunteer organization.
  • Want up-to-date information and guidance to help fulfill your emergency management role.

Disaster Zone Podcast Tells How IAEM Works and Benefits Its Members 

 In this podcast, Cathy Clark, the President of IAEM shares a great deal of information on how IAEM is organized, who the membership is comprised of, and all the different ways that emergency management professionals of all stripes can become members, including those already working in the profession and others aspiring to become emergency managers.

Listen to the Podcast.

Why I Am a Member of IAEM

"I’ll begin by sharing my story. In 2003, I accepted an emergency manager position with a county in Georgia. Later that same year, I attended my first IAEM Annual Conference in Dallas, Texas. It was huge! It was not difficult to recognize the value of the stellar training and top-notch speakers. I left the conference, excited and encouraged, feeling that I was a part of something exceptional. I wanted to “get to know” the experienced, knowledgeable professionals that were IAEM members. During the next couple of years, I met more and more members and became active in IAEMUSA Region 4.
"My county experienced what was dubbed as a 10,000-year flood. During this event, my phone did not stop ringing with offers of guidance and assistance from some of the greatest emergency managers in our field – all because I met them through IAEM. I have met many others who have greatly supported, challenged and influenced me. Several were instrumental as I broadened my professional experience in the emergency management field. Every position that I have held since my time with local government, I have obtained directly or indirectly through my connections at IAEM – including my current adjunct teaching roles and position as the Georgia divisional director for The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services."
Lanita Lloyd, MS, CEM, IAEM-USA President (excerpt from article in IAEM Bulletin, July 2017, page 3)

Types of IAEM Memberships

Note: To change your membership type, email Membership Manager Sharon Kelly.

  • Individual Member: an individual professionally engaged or interested in emergency management and allied fields. Learn about the benefits of individual membership. Then select the IAEM Council you wish to join, and apply for membership online today. Your membership dues will be based on the Council area in which you live. The membership belongs to the Individual Member.
  • Affiliate Member: ($898 USD - Dues will increase to $925 USD on June 1, 2024) Any organization or party that provides products, services, or other resources in support of IAEM and its members. If you’re a member of industry supporting the emergency management profession, becoming an Affiliate Member can dramatically enhance your opportunity to provide services and support to emergency managers. Learn more. The Affiliate Membership belongs to the organization/party.
  • Student Member: ($55 USD) Student membership is available for up to six years to anyone enrolled in a post-secondary institution, studying emergency management or a related field. Students must be enrolled full-time, or enrolled part-time and not working full-time. Any full-time student qualifies for this membership category regardless of employment status. Part-time students also qualify if they are not working full-time. Current and previous Individual Members, and those who hold a CEM credential, are not eligible for Student Membership.
    • Proof of current enrollment must be uploaded at the time of Student membership application and renewal. Students will be members of both the Student Council and the Council in which they reside or matriculate (by choice, based on the postal address they use for their membership record). IAEM staff in consultation with each geographic council may define a process for granting extensions to the six-year limitation and exceptions to the work limitation by request.
    • Student members may participate on committees, but may not vote or hold office.
  • Emerging Professional($99 USD) Emerging Professional membership is available for up to two years to support new and early-career emergency management professionals who have been employed less than 12 months and who are starting out in the EM field or in a related position, and for IAEM student members who are new graduates (employed or not). Those who hold a CEM credential are not eligible for the Emerging Professional membership. This membership is only for U.S. new members, former IAEM student members, or current student members who have recently graduated or who are graduating in the near future.

Note: The membership belongs to the member jurisdiction or entity paying the dues. If the individual representing that jurisdiction or entity leaves, the membership may be transferred to another individual who manages the emergency management program. However, the individual representative may maintain the membership only if the paying jurisdiction provides written approval transferring the membership to the individual.


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