Municipal Emergency Management

IAEM-USA Municipal Emergency Management Caucus

Caucus Chair:
Dave Donnelly, CEM

Caucus Vice Chair
Shari Holbert Lipner

Caucus Secretary
Derek Smith

Board Liaison
Josh Morton, MPA, CEM, SCCEM, USA2ndVP@iaem.com

Staff Liaison:
Terry "TC" Cooper, terry@iaem.com

IAEM-USA members interested in participating in this caucus should email the caucus staff liaison and tell them how you can contribute to or learn from this committee's important work.

Members only: Caucus Agendas/Minutes/Work Documents

Purpose Statement

The purpose of the IAEM-USA Municipal Caucus is to represent and advocate for municipal emergency management agencies/programs at the state, federal, and international levels. This includes cities, towns, boroughs (except in Alaska), villages, and townships, any related special districts, and sub-units thereof. Municipalities are front-line providers of many services such as fire, police, water, wastewater, sanitation, special events and community services, among others. As disasters have increased in frequency, in complexity, and in costs, many municipalities have elected to create emergency management programs to deal with them.


  1. To facilitate networking, communication and best practice sharing between municipal emergency management practitioners.
  2. To promote the inclusion of municipal emergency management practitioners in the all-hazard, whole community planning conducted at the local, state, and federal levels.
  3. To facilitate awareness of current/emerging legislative and policy issues in emergency management and the interpretation of their effects on municipalities.
  4. To promote professionalism and professional development of municipal emergency management practitioners and/or programs.
  5. To engage and collaborate with allied partners to promote the development of professional municipal emergency management programs.


Meetings are held monthly on the last Tuesday at 11:00 a.m. ET via Go To Meeting.

Membership Policy

To be an official member of the IAEM-USA Municipal Emergency Management Caucus, as reported to the IAEM-USA Board, an individual must: 

  • Be a member of IAEM in good standing.
  • Attend at least one caucus meeting within the last year.

IAEM Annual Conference Caucus Posters