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Conference Special Focus Issue: "Honor the Past, Treasure the Present, Shape the Future"
Part 1: October 2019 IAEM Bulletin |  Part 2: November 2019 IAEM Bulletin 
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The IAEM Bulletin, the official newsletter of the International Association of Emergency Managers, is published monthly by IAEM to keep members abreast of association news, government actions affecting emergency management, and research and information sources. The Bulletin – which is in its 36th year of continuous publication – is also intended to serve as a way for emergency management colleagues to exchange information on programs and ideas. The members-only IAEM Bulletin, generally 24-40 pages, moved from print to electronic publishing in 2014. Past issues are available in the members-only IAEM Bulletin Archives.

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The Bulletin is distributed electronically via the members-only archives to more than 6,000 emergency management officials each month, representing all levels of government, industrial, commercial, educational, military, private, non-profit and volunteer organizations. The newsletter is also shared with allied organizations and legislative representatives with a role in emergency management issues.

Article Submissions

Please read the Author's Guidelines before submitting an article for the IAEM Bulletin. For the issues that are not special focus issues, articles on any topic of interest to emergency management professionals are welcome. Feature article length should be 750-1,500 words, and articles should be emailed to the editor as attached Word documents or included in the text of the email (no PDF submissions, please). Photos or illustrations must be emailed as separate image attachments (TIF, GIF, JPG, PNG). Learn more here.

Advertising Policy

The IAEM Bulletin Advertising Policy includes information about placing display ads in the IAEM Bulletin, including ad sizes, ad formats, ad costs, and IAEM member discounts.

Sample Issue of the IAEM Bulletin

The IAEM Bulletin is a members-only publication posted each month in our members-only IAEM Bulletin Archives. Once a year, we post a sample issue of the Bulletin on this page.

2019 Special Focus Issues

At least four times a year, the IAEM Bulletin includes a special focus section on a selected topic of interest to emergency managers. The other eight issues of this monthly publication include articles on a wide variety of topics related to emergency management.

(09 Feb 2019) The IAEM Editorial Work Group announces the topics for the 2019 IAEM Bulletin special focus issues. This year’s approach represents the first time that the work group has selected special focus issue topics that are all related to the IAEM Annual Conference theme in some way: “Honor the Past, Treasure the Present, Shape the Future.”

  • March 2019 IAEM Bulletin | Article submission deadline: Mar. 4, 2019 for March issue; Mar. 15, 2019 for April issue
    Note: If you would like to write a mentor-related article for a future issue of the Bulletin, please email the editor for details.
    Honor the Past: The People We Remember
    Article length is 750-1,500 words. For this particular topic only, we will accept articles from 500-1,500 words. Please refer to author guidelines for complete details, and email any questions to Karen Thompson, editor. Since we’re focusing on mentors, photos of your mentor will be accepted with your article. Now is the time to honor the person who has influenced you the most in your emergency management career. Here are some examples of the types of articles we’re seeking:
    • What are the lessons you learned from your mentor(s)?
    • What is the most useful thing you ever learned from a colleague or supervisor?
    • Who in emergency management has had the most impact on you?
    • Who encouraged you most during the beginning of your emergency management-related career?
    • Who influenced you to consider entering the emergency management field?
    • Describe the most important emergency management lesson(s) that you’ve learned, and who you learned them from.
    • Honor your mentor, and share what they taught you.
  • June 2019 IAEM Bulletin | Article submission deadline: May 20, 2019
    Treasure the Present: What We Need to be Talking About Now
    • What things are happening currently that we should be talking about, and why.
    • Vulnerabilities of anything to a cyber hack – could be electrical grid, gas pipeline, etc.
    • What are we doing today to prepare for the future?
    • How do we anticipate and prepared for climate change?
    • How emergency managers can stay informed on the latest technological changes that can support their community’s preparedness goals?
    • CMS policies’ effects on healthcare emergency management.
    • New emergency management programs in schools (i.e. Florida requiring EM for their each county to handle school preparedness).
    • Cyber security and keeping our utilities safe from hackers.
  • August 2019 IAEM Bulletin | Article submission deadline extended to Monday, July 22, 2019
    Shape the Future: What We Should Do Now to Shape the Future
    • Climate change and technology: What will we be facing, and how will technology help us to cope?
    • Managing a future pandemic.
    • Warning/alert issues of the future: How can we start to prepare now?
    • Helping prevent disasters that might occur in certain areas (examples: dam safety, earthquakes, etc.).
    • Managing communities that may not exist in the future due to flood (coastal communities, large coastal cities, etc.).
    • Changes in prevention and response.
    • What future issues should emergency managers be planning for now? (and why)
    • What is the most important thing that we should be preparing for right now? (and why)
    • Resilient communities that exist now and their preparations and plans for the future.
    • Managing communities that may not exist in the future due to flood (coastal communities, some European cities).
  • October 2019 IAEM Bulletin | Article submission deadline: Sept. 10, 2019
    Honor the Past, Treasure the Present, Shape the Future
    The last special focus issue in 2019 will be based on the theme of the IAEM 67th Annual Conference & EMEX, “Honor the Past, Treasure the Present, Shape the Future," to be held Nov. 15-20, 2019, in Savannah, Georgia. Your article should be related in some way to the overall conference theme. You could pick one of the following four conference focus areas – or you may have another idea about how to address the general theme.
    • Honor the Past. Emergency management has a long and impressive history. The field has rapidly changed over the decades.
      • What improvements have you witnessed?
      • What past practices and events have impacted you, solidified your commitment to expand and improve current practices?
      • What were the most impactful events in the past?
      • What challenges have you faced and met with success?
      • What are the greatest lessons you have learned?
    • Treasure the Present. The present is all we have. The world is rapidly changing, and we must embrace the “new normal.” In today’s world, it is imperative to expand our connections and engage others in our field by sharing ideas, resources and best practices.
      • How do you do that?
      • How has working with others improved your practices? Made you more effective?
      • What obstacles do you face today?
      • How do you share best practices? How do you develop and enhance partnerships?
      • What do you do today when you face obstacles that impede your success?
      • What public-private collaborations do you engage in today to achieve new opportunities in the whole community?
    • Shape the Future. The future of emergency management will look different than today.
      • What challenges do you anticipate?
      • What will be the biggest obstacles to overcome?
      • What innovations, technology and practices will impact how you do your work?
      • What emerging issues do you anticipate?
      • What are you doing now to prepare for the future?
      • What is your vision for the future of emergency management?
      • What practices, training, professional development and experience will be most critical for success?


Contact Karen Thompson, editor of the IAEM Bulletin, at thompson@iaem.com with any questions or requests for additional information about the IAEM Bulletin.