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August 2021 IAEM Bulletin | Article submission deadline: July 15, 2021
The Editorial Committee is seeking articles now on the topic of:
“Partnerships, Collaborations, and Smart Practices in Emergency Management”
See details on all of the 2021 Special Focus Issue Topics Below!

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About the Bulletin

The IAEM Bulletin, the official newsletter of the International Association of Emergency Managers, is published monthly by IAEM to keep members abreast of association news, government actions affecting emergency management, and research and information sources. The Bulletin – which is in its 38th year of continuous publication – is also intended to serve as a way for emergency management colleagues to exchange information on programs and ideas. The members-only IAEM Bulletin, generally 24-40 pages, moved from print to electronic publishing in 2014. Past issues are available in the members-only IAEM Bulletin Archives.


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The Bulletin is distributed electronically via the members-only archives to more than 6,000 emergency management officials each month, representing all levels of government, industrial, commercial, educational, military, private, non-profit and volunteer organizations. The newsletter is also shared with allied organizations and legislative representatives with a role in emergency management issues.


Article Submissions

Please read the Author's Guidelines before submitting an article for the IAEM Bulletin. For the issues that are not special focus issues, articles on any topic of interest to emergency management professionals are welcome. Feature article length should be 750-1,500 words, and articles should be emailed to the editor as attached Word documents or included in the text of the email (no PDF submissions, please). Photos or illustrations must be emailed as separate image attachments (JPG or PNG). Learn more here.


Advertising Policy

The IAEM Bulletin Advertising Policy includes information about placing display ads in the IAEM Bulletin, including ad sizes, ad formats, ad costs, and IAEM member discounts.


2021 Special Focus Issues

Four times a year, the IAEM Bulletin includes a special focus section on a selected topic of interest to emergency management. The other eight issues of this monthly publication include articles on a wide variety of topics related to emergency management. The IAEM Editorial Committee recommends the topics for the 2021 IAEM Bulletin special focus issues, and announces them after board approval. This year the focus is on various aspects of the conference theme, “IAEM 2021: Looking Back to Look Ahead"

We will see lasting effects for emergency management based on 2020. From last year’s final conference theme – “IAEM Reimagined” to this year’s theme – “Looking Back to Look Ahead” – we are trying to get our heads and arms around the NEXT new normal. Events have been unpredictable and unprecedented, moving so fast it is often hard to keep up! Let’s pause for a moment to share our impressions, thoughts and stories about how we could, did or did not cope.

  • August 2021 IAEM Bulletin | Article submission deadline: July 15, 2021

    “Partnerships, Collaborations, and Smart Practices in Emergency Management”
    The importance of partnerships, collaboration, and best (SMART) practices cannot be overstated. With shrinking resources, more global interconnections, and greater challenges, we must put words into action. Smart practices directly accomplish useful work in a cost-effective manner. While it is difficult to define or document a claim to a BEST practice, and even a claim of GOOD practice may be too grand, what are the examples of SMART practices in your EM life?

    NOTE: Articles received by the deadline will be considered for the August issue. Articles on this topic received after the deadline will be considered for the September issue.

  • October 2021 IAEM Bulletin | Article submission deadline: Sept. 15, 2021

    “IAEM 2021: Looking Back to Look Ahead”
    The last special focus issue in 2021 will be based on the overall theme of the IAEM 2021 Annual Conference & EMEX, “IAEM 2021: Looking Back to Look Ahead.” Your article should be related in some way to the overall conference theme. The October 2021 IAEM Bulletin will be our “conference issue.”

    NOTE: Articles received by the deadline will be considered for the October issue. Articles on this topic received after the deadline will be considered for the November issue.


Any questions should be emailed to John Osborne, IAEM Bulletin Editor, at John@iaem.com. Please refer to the IAEM Bulletin author’s guidelines prior to writing and submitting your article. Articles in Word or text format (not PDF), and photos/graphics in image format (png or jpg) must be submitted via email to John@iaem.comWord length is 750 to 1,500 wordsRememberThe IAEM Editorial Committee is always looking for articles for non-special focus issues as well.