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IAEM Bulletin

There are three 2020 complimentary issues of the IAEM Bulletin linked below.
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  • The November 2020 issue of the IAEM Bulletin is Part 2 of our double "conference issue" on "Visioning the Future of Emergency Management" (November 2020)
  • The October 2020 issue of the IAEM Bulletin is Part 1 of our double"conference issue" on "Visioning the Future of Emergency Management" (October 2020)
  • The April 2020 Issue of the IAEM Bulletin is on "Black Swan Events: Pandemics" (April 2020)

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The IAEM Bulletin, the official newsletter of the International Association of Emergency Managers, is published monthly by IAEM to keep members abreast of association news, government actions affecting emergency management, and research and information sources. The Bulletin – which is in its 36th year of continuous publication – is also intended to serve as a way for emergency management colleagues to exchange information on programs and ideas. The members-only IAEM Bulletin, generally 24-40 pages, moved from print to electronic publishing in 2014. Past issues are available in the members-only IAEM Bulletin Archives.


The Bulletin is distributed electronically via the members-only archives to more than 6,000 emergency management officials each month, representing all levels of government, industrial, commercial, educational, military, private, non-profit and volunteer organizations. The newsletter is also shared with allied organizations and legislative representatives with a role in emergency management issues.

Article Submissions

Please read the Author's Guidelines before submitting an article for the IAEM Bulletin. For the issues that are not special focus issues, articles on any topic of interest to emergency management professionals are welcome. Feature article length should be 750-1,500 words, and articles should be emailed to the editor as attached Word documents or included in the text of the email (no PDF submissions, please). Photos or illustrations must be emailed as separate image attachments (TIF, GIF, JPG, PNG). Learn more here.

Advertising Policy

The IAEM Bulletin Advertising Policy includes information about placing display ads in the IAEM Bulletin, including ad sizes, ad formats, ad costs, and IAEM member discounts.

2020 Special Focus Issues

At least four times a year, the IAEM Bulletin includes a special focus section on a selected topic of interest to emergency managers. The other eight issues of this monthly publication include articles on a wide variety of topics related to emergency management.

(24 Feb 2020) The IAEM Editorial Committee announces the topics for the 2020 IAEM Bulletin special focus issues. This year the focus will be on black swan events.

“A black swan is an unpredictable event that is beyond what is normally expected of a situation and has potentially severe consequences. Black swan events are characterized by their extreme rarity, their severe impact, and the practice of explaining widespread failure to predict them as simple folly in hindsight.” Wikipedia

How do you prepare for a crisis that hasn’t occurred yet? How do you deal with fear of the unknown? Daryl Spiewak, CEM, and Valerie Lucus-McEwen, CEM, will co-author an article kicking off our 2020 special focus issues of the IAEM Bulletin. The article will appear in the March 2020 IAEM Bulletin. The first three special focus issues will look at these specific types of black swan events: pandemics, cybersecurity, and crumbling infrastructure. Article submissions on other types of black swan events are welcome for use in the eight general interest issues of the Bulletin, as are articles on any topic of interest to emergency management professionals. The fourth special focus will be on the IAEM Annual Conference theme, “IAEM 2020: Visioning the Future of Emergency Management.”

  • April 2020 IAEM Bulletin | Article submission deadline: extended to Mar. 29, 2020
    NOTE: Articles received by the deadline will be considered for the April issue. Articles on pandemics received after the deadline will be considered for the May issue.
    Black Swan Events: Pandemics
    We can’t wait until a pandemic hits, but we can look at what we have learned in order to be prepared. Articles could look at past incidents that offer lessons in how to best prepare. Specific topics could be: H1N1, SARS, MERS, Spanish flu. How best can we learn how to prepare for a virus that is new? What can we learn from what has already happened with the coronavirus? As emergency managers, we learn from what has happened in the past to help us plan for the future. Events and incidents have precipitated change over the decades. Emergency management has a long and impressive history of major accomplishments through its professional growth. Events and incidents have precipitated change over the decades. Consider the improvements you have experienced and witnessed, as well as the failures.
  • June 2020 IAEM Bulletin | Article submission deadline extended to: May 31, 2020
    Black Swan Events: Cybersecurity
    Cyber incidents are happening and will continue to occur. Our world is unique, and we have to embrace the reality of where we are and be ready to manage any emergency that arises. To survive and thrive, we must think in new ways, share resources, and work with new partners to forge new successes. We need to be ready to consider “non-traditional” solutions. Technology is vulnerable to cyber hacks, and the damage could be a whole lot more than the incidents we have already experienced. What have we learned from events that have already occurred to prepare our communities to face future cyber incidents? How will be the challenges of cyber incidents become opportunities?
  • August 2020 IAEM Bulletin | Article submission deadline: July 20, 2020
    Black Swan Events: Crumbling Infrastructure
    Many of us are facing the challenges of crumbling infrastructure, including power grid failure, weakened dams and bridges, and general aging of the infrastructure as a whole. How do emergency managers prepare their communities when the potential disaster has not yet occurred? Share your experiences in an article for this issue. What did you and your community learn from an event that occurred due to crumbling infrastructure? It is more obvious than ever that our world is rapidly changing. How will we learn to operate in an environment that is unlike anything in our past? Will technology be our friend or an obstacle? Where are the opportunities for growth, development, change and synergy as we move into the future world of emergency management?
  • October 2020 IAEM Bulletin | Article submission deadline: Sept. 30, 2020
    IAEM 2020: Visioning the Future of Emergency Management
    The last special focus issue in 2020 will be based on the theme of the IAEM Reimagined 2020 Virtual Annual Conference & EMEX, “IAEM 2020: Visioning the Future of Emergency Management.” Your article should be related in some way to the overall conference theme. The October 2020 IAEM Bulletin will be our “conference issue.”


Contact Karen Thompson, editor of the IAEM Bulletin, at thompson@iaem.com with any questions or requests for additional information about the IAEM Bulletin.