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By Brian V. Bovyn, CEM, CEM Commissioner, Emergency Services Supervisor, Manchester, New Hampshire Police Department

Are you a Certified Emergency Manager? Are you ready to help your colleagues try to achieve their CEM? A quality CEM overview presentation or candidate mentoring opportunity can lead you toward meeting a professional contribution.

CEM® Overview Presentations

For those emergency management practitioners interested in presenting information to a group about the AEM/CEM Program, the following guidelines are in place to assist you.

  • First, review the IAEM Representation and Mentoring Guidelines. You can download a “representation” request form to complete in advance of the proposed presentation date. The form asks for the date, audience, presenter, CEM status, and venue of the presentation. The presenter must mail or fax in the presentation request form to IAEM Headquarters. Upon approval from the CEM Commission Chair (or designee), the presenter is authorized to present the AEM/CEM Overview to a group audience.
  • The presenter must emphasize that any opinions are his or her own, except where specific IAEM requirements toward meeting the AEM or CEM are cited. Additionally, each presenter is expected to be in appropriate dress attire, business or business casual. IAEM wear is available for purchase at the IAEM Store. All presenters are expected to use a high degree of discretion when presenting, as they are an extension of the IAEM organization. (See the IAEM Code of Ethics.) The use of the IAEM Overview slide presentation is encouraged.

Mentoring AEM® and CEM® Candidates

  • A mentoring request form is available online that you must complete prior to starting the mentoring process. The form asks for data on the mentor, CEM status, candidate(s) for mentoring, references, projected meeting dates, and how you plan to conduct your mentoring process (an outline of sequential steps is appropriate). Each potential AEM or CEM mentor must complete and submit a AEM/CEM Mentoring Approval Request Form and mail it or fax it to IAEM Headquarters for approval by the CEM Commission Chair (or designee). Once the form is approved, the mentor will be notified and may begin the mentoring process with the candidate.
  • The mentor should emphasize the “process of being an emergency management professional as well as the process of becoming an AEM or CEM. The CEM mentor should act as a resource person, explaining each component of the process and identifying training opportunities for the candidate to support his or her portfolio packet. Additionally, a mentor might identify AEM and CEM study groups or other candidates who could assist the AEM or CEM candidate in the pursuit of his or her certification.
  • The mentor should provide technical guidance to the candidate on setting up the overall packet portfolio, attaching appropriate validation documentation, and seeking letters of validation from supporting organizations or managers for activities that the candidate has completed.
  • Mentors do not “pre-approve” packets. Be sure to make it clear to the candidate that coaching and review of portfolio documentation in a packet in no way guarantees or implies successful certification, and is not designed to replace the formal review by the CEM Commissioners.


Delivering information on the AEM/CEM Program or mentoring AEM and CEM candidates is a great way for current CEMs to give back or “pay it forward” while earning credit toward the Professional Contributions requirement. IAEM provides the resources to help you succeed.

Author’s Note: The author thanks Daryl Lee Spiewak, CEM,TEM,TCFM, for contributing to this article.

IAEM Bulletin, April 2011

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