EM Practitioner Articles

EM Practitioner Articles

Welcome to the IAEM collection of EM practitioner articles.

This collection of articles, available to IAEM members, was developed and is maintained by the IAEM Editorial Committee.

Purpose of Collection

The EM Practitioner Articles Collection is posted online in the members only area to collect and preserve information of value to IAEM members – professionals who are in the field of emergency management, are interested in protecting lives and property through an all-hazards approach, are concerned with national security, and have an emergency management/civil defense assignment in government, the military, industry, or non-governmental organization.

IAEM Thanks the American Society of Professional Emergency Planners (1994-2004)

This compendium of EM practitioner articles was established in part through a bequest from the American Society of Professional Emergency Planners (ASPEP). When ASPEP disbanded, members donated their remaining funds to IAEM for the creation of future opportunities for publishing articles by EM practitioners, including academic research papers, lessons learned, and more. These opportunities have not been readily available since the demise of the ASPEP Journal. This online collection is geared toward the longer types of EM practitioner articles that the ASPEP Journal spotlighted.