Author's Guidelines for EM Practitioner Articles Collection

Purpose of Collection

The EM Practitioner Articles Collection is posted online in the Members Only area to collect and preserve information of value to IAEM members – professionals who are in the field of emergency management, are interested in protecting lives and property through an all-hazards approach, are concerned with national security, and have an emergency management/civil defense assignment in government, the military, industry, or non-governmental organization. Please Note: Article submissions are not subjected to editing or a comprehensive review, so posting of an article does not qualify as a "Publication" for purposes of the CEM® application package.

Types of Articles

Articles that contribute to the advancement of knowledge and improvement in the practice of emergency management are welcome. Breadth of subject matter and depth of discussion are encouraged.

Length of Articles

Manuscript submissions should be a minimum of 1,750 words, with no maximum specified.

Format of Articles

Articles must be submitted in Microsoft Word format.

Article Submission

Submit articles via e-mail to John Osborne, IAEM Bulletin Editor. Please include a brief statement in your e-mail about why your article would be a useful resource to IAEM members.

Article Review

Every article submission will be reviewed by one member of the EM Practitioner Article Review Team, made up of volunteer members from the IAEM-Global Editorial Sub-Work Group, as this is not a formal peer review. After the review, authors will be notified by e-mail about whether their article will be posted online in the EM Practitioner Articles Collection.

Review Guidelines

The review team will not edit the articles or review them for style. Articles will be reviewed in terms of their interest and value to the IAEM membership. Additional review guidelines will be developed over time as needed.