Welcome to the CEM® Corner

The International Association of Emergency Managers and the CEM Commissioners welcome you to the CEM Corner. The CEM Corner is a resource section for emergency management practitioners who are pursuing their Associate Emergency Manager (AEM) or Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) credential.

These resources will help AEM and CEM candidates prepare their application packet according to standards. Candidates will find explanations of the overall process requirements and many helpful suggestions, study materials and tips to guide them through the entire process.

The CEM Corner has an extensive section on writing a professional essay. All articles have been published in the IAEM Bulletin. The section contains many helpful documents and links for writing a successful professional essay. Also included is an excellent sample essay written by a successful CEM candidate.

The CEM Corner is broken down into components that mirror the requirements of the CEM credential. By clicking on the link for the appropriate topic, the link will open up to a myriad of helpful information about that component of the CEM requirements.

Topics in the CEM Corner

Emergency Management Experience

Education Requirements


Professional Contributions

Certification Essay

Certification Examination

Sample Certificate Exam Questions

Administration & Application Procedures

Military Submissions

Miscellaneous Topics

Successful AEM and CEM Applicants

Presentations and Mentoring

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