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  • IAEM and other organizations endorse H.R. 7070 (Jan. 23, 2024) IAEM, NEMA, Big City EMs, NACo, IFCA, and BuildStrong sent a letter of endorsement for H.R. 7070, the Wildfire Response Improvement Act. The bill directs FEMA to recommend regulations to make immediate post-fire emergency protective measures eligible for assistance via a FMAG. The intent of this section is to ensure FMAG $ can be used for short-term safety assessments and activities post fire. Such activities might include removing fallen trees from roads, preliminary hill stabilization, address land slide and debris flow risks, and mitigate immediate risk to water sources. Nothing in Section 420 prevents FEMA from supporting these emergency protective measures. It further directs FEMA to update the PAPPG to include guidance on wildfire specific recovery challenges including debris removal, emergency protective measures, and the resulting toxicity of drinking water. And, it directs the FEMA Administrator to conduct a review of the criteria for evaluating the cost-effectiveness BRIC and HMPG projects. The intent of this provision is to ensure projects to mitigate wildfire related risk are as competitive as mitigation projects designed to mitigate typical east coast hazards such as severe storms and floods. Download the letter of endorsement.