IAEM-Middle East Photo Gallery 4

WebEOC Users Conference 2011
Augusta, Georgia USA

International Council President Khaled A Al Mansoori gives the keynote speech at this year's WebEOC Users Conference in Augusta, Georgia, USA. President Mansoori's speech was about the challenges facing the international emergency management community. It covered the landscape of emergency management after one of the most horrific year for natural disasters in 2010, emergency management in the United Arab Emirates, and the challenges they face.  

IAEM International Council President Khaled Al Mansoori delivered the keynote speech at the ESi WebEOC Conference in Augusta, Georgia, USA, on Mar. 30, 2011. He is pictured here with Paul Butler, ESi CFO and Executive VP of International Business (left) and Nadia D. Butler, ESi President and CEO (center).