AEM®/CEM® – Expect Success

Distinguish yourself as an experienced emergency management professional by obtaining the Associate Emergency Manager or Certified Emergency Manager credential.

“The CEM is the most recognized credential for emergency managers internationally. Obtaining the CEM represents hard work, expertise and professionalism.” – David Sullivan, CEM, Past Certification Commission Chairman

“I work in an organization that endorses and encourages professional certifications. The CEM has given me professional credibility in a very tough professional environment.” – Jim Cheek, CEM, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, United Space Alliance

“The CEM certification provides emergency managers with another resource to strengthen their credibility when making recommendations to stakeholders.” – Stacy Peerbolte, CEM, Emergency Preparedness Planner, U.S. Capitol Police Department

“As FEMA staff, having the CEM gives me credibility with my state, community, voluntary organization and private sector partners. It shows that you care about and understand emergency management at the local level. When you earn the CEM, you send a message that you can manage a comprehensive emergency management program in a local jurisdiction.” – Tom Gilboy, CEM, FEMA Training Specialist

“My CEM designation was a key factor toward documenting my personal competency and experience in all matters relating to emergency management when I was appointed as a Regional Administrator for FEMA. I recommend the CEM program to other emergency managers as the way to document an independent third party review and certification of an individual’s professional knowledge and the competency that is required to be a successful emergency manager in today’s complicated world.” – William E. Peterson, CEM, Chief Operating Officer, Paragon Public Safety & Security International

“CEM certification provides recognition that an individual understands all of the nuances associated with the skill set required of the profession. While many people have an in-depth knowledge of some of the skills or programs comprising EM, the CEM certification carries with it a degree of respect and acknowledgement of professional competency.” – Peter Podell, CEM, Professor, University of Maryland

“I strongly recommend the CEM program to others, because it is what truly sets you apart from your peers. Having worked in emergency management for nearly 20 years at various levels of government and in the private sector, my ability to distinguish myself in the job applicant pool is due in large part to having those 3 letters after my name: CEM.” – Steve Charvat, CEM, Emergency Management Director, University of Washington

“My company encourages, supports and lists all employees who have various professional and technical qualifications and proudly lists my CEM as one of their qualifications for doing special work with the government and the private sector. If you work in emergency services, I can’t think of a more important step to take to elevate your private or public service and your professional career.” – Kay C. Goss, CEM, President, World Disaster Management, and Former Director of Training, FEMA

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