Sample AEM/CEM Training Allocation Tables

These training allocation tables are samples only and are updated annually. Training courses not listed may be acceptable too.

NOTE: This is not a list of "approved" training courses for the AEM/CEM. The topics listed in this document are sample subject matter divided into the areas of emergency management and general management. The training courses listed are sample courses only. No list is all-inclusive. There are many other courses that are acceptable to fulfill the emergency management and general management training hours requirement. Subject matter and training courses not shown on this list are acceptable as long as the appropriate training form and course completion certificate is provided in the AEM/CEM application.

This list was developed because many of the older FEMA course certificates and the certificates issued by various state emergency management agencies did not list classroom contact hours. This document then assisted the CEM Commissioners during AEM/CEM application packet reviews. The CEM Commission provides this document as a guide for CEM®/AEM candidates as they prepare their application packet. Follow the instructions specified in the AEM/CEM application packet. Address any questions to the IAEM Education & Certification Manager at CEMinfo@iaem.com.

Though a course may list more than 25 hours, a candidate may only receive 25 hours maximum credit per topic area. A total of 100 hours is required in both emergency management and general management to satisfy the training requirement.

All emergency management training. while it may be in the context of a related discipline, must be substantially related to emergency management to receive credit.

  • 1 college semester hour = 15 hours
  • 1 official continuing education unit (CEU) = 10 hours

Course work completed to earn the baccalaureate degree cannot also be used to meet any portion of the 100 hours of the emergency management or general management training requirement. If additional advanced degrees are held, associated course work can be applied to the training requirement.

Table Key

  • Alloc. E = Emergency Management Training
  • Alloc. G = General Management Training
  • Alloc. E/G = Either Emergency or General Management Training (Candidate's Choice)


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