Call for Commissioners

Class of 2024

(25 Feb 2021) The IAEM Certification Commission is looking for candidates to fill 4-6 commissioner openings for the Class of 2024, serving from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2024. The Certification Commission conducts electronic reviews using the online system. Every other month, commissioners are expected to review, on average, 10-15 applications, based on volume, within a 30 day window. Interested applicants must be detail oriented, responsive via email and phone, and plan to devote approximately 30 hours per review month (180 hours yearly) to online reviews. Commissioners also draft notification letters to candidates so commissioners must possess clear, concise writing skills.

The Certification Commission may have one in-person meeting per year as well as quarterly conference calls lasting between 1-2 hours to discuss policy and procedure changes. Occasionally, commissioners may be asked to serve on a short term ad-hoc working group related to a topic of discussion on the Certification Commission. IAEM is prepared to cover the travel costs for the in-person meeting.

We are specifically looking for individuals representing the Emergency Management fields of: Local, Tribal, Federal, Military and Healthcare.  However, any interested USA CEM is encouraged to apply as we are looking to identify people who are willing to serve as alternates to represent each EM category should seats become available mid-term. Chart of Commissioner categories can be found in Attachment 1

Commissioners must be current CEMs, and successfully recertified at least once, with a demonstrated knowledge of emergency management, desire to serve, ability to work without bias and maintain confidentiality as well as the credibility of the AEM®/CEM® credential. Lifetime CEMs are not eligible to serve as Commissioners.

Applicants should ensure they have access to a computer without security limitations to access zip, pdf, .msg, jpeg, gif, .mov, Powerpoint, and Word files. Access to publisher is a benefit. Users should be using the current version of any of the major browsers (latest Firefox, Chrome, Safari or IE). Interested individuals should identify themselves as being computer savvy and have a willingness to learn how to use the online application portal. 

Strong applications will provide examples to demonstrate the following desired criteria:

  • Articulates how own experience in emergency management translates into being a good Commissioner
  • Ability to meet time commitment required by the Commission
  • Ability to work in an unbiased and confidential manner
  • Demonstrated commitment to promoting the IAEM Certification Program
  • Experience using digital/online tools
  • Ability to work as a member of a team
  • Clear, concise writing skills and attention to detail

Candidates interested in serving on the Certification Commission should submit the following information in one PDF to IAEM Program Manager, Kate McClimans (KMcClimans@iaem.com), by June 1, 2021:

  • Letter of intent expressing desire to serve as a commissioner as well as willingness to devote the necessary time to participate in online reviews and commission meetings.
  • Personal Commissioner Qualities – a short narrative (maximum of two pages) describing the qualities the applicant will bring to the commission. Include the date of CEM initial certification and recertification(s).
  • Qualification(s) to Serve – up to a one page description of the qualifications for the category(ies) of participation to be considered as described in the chart of CEM Commissioner categories. Application must clearly indicate which category the candidate’s current employment represents.
  • Current Resume
  • One letter of reference from current supervisor to verify and support Commissioner criteria as well as to show support for the time commitment.
  • One letter of reference from a current CEM* to illustrate professionalism as an emergency manager and commitment to IAEM certification program. Additional letters of support may be submitted to help highlight candidate’s attributes.
    *NOTE: If candidate’s supervisor is also a CEM, only one letter is required as long as the reference is able to address both bullet point.​

In exchange for service, Commissioners are entitled to:

  • Tentatively, the In-person meeting in 2021 will occur as a pre-conference event at the IAEM Annual Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Oct. 17. Travel, one night of lodging, and a comped conference registration fee will be covered by IAEM.
  • Commissioners who successfully complete one term of three years will have their next recertification fee waived, if not covered by their employer. 


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