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Certification News

CEM® News: 2018 - 2020

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  • IAEM Names Winner of Bravo Zulu Award and AEM/CEM Presentations Posted Online (11 Nov 2020) IAEM has posted the IAEM 2020 Honors booklet, which recognizes IAEM award winners, scholarship recipients, certification presentations, and installation of 2020-2021 IAEM-USA officers. The Bravo Zulu Award is presented by the Certification Commission to someone for their outstanding contribution to the Certification Commission and the Certification Program, as judged by fellow Commissioners. The winner of the 2020 Vikki Stempkowski Memorial Bravo Zulu Award is Tom Ignelzi, CEM, of Belle Chasse, Louisiana, for his consistency, confidence, tact and tenacity. Despite the global pandemic, which impacted all of emergency management in countless ways, Tom’s dedication to the Certification Commission never wavered. He was diligent about reviewing applications, writing great letters, serving on and leading numerous task forces. He also served the profession by giving more time and serving on the Certification Commission Executive Committee. (See pages 22-23 for a history of the award, past recipients, and a profile of Tom's service to the Certification Commission.) The IAEM 2020 Honors booklet also recognizes those who received their CEM or AEM credential, or completed their recertification, on pages 22-37.
  • Updated AEM/CEM Study Guide Published (20 May 2020) Download the updated version here. The following changes have been made to the USA reference list:
         IS-702.a has been retired and is replaced with a new course, IS-29.a Public Information Officer Awareness.
         IS-20.19 Diversity Awareness Course 2019 is now IS-20.10 Diversity Awareness Course 2020.
         IS-703.a has been replaced with IS-703.b.
  • Update on Teaching Hours for Certification and Recertification Applications (27 Apr 2020) There has been an update regarding the number of teaching hours that may be submitted in the Training section for certification and recertification applications. Teaching may be substituted for attending courses for Continuing Education/Training credit. Candidates cannot use the same teaching experience under the Professional Contributions section. Courses taught may not exceed 25% of total hours submitted in each Emergency Management Training or General Management Training. Contact Kate McClimans with any questions.
  • Certification Candidates with Concerns About Deadlines Are Urged to Contact IAEM Staff (17 Mar 2020) Due to the demands of COVID-19, certification candidates concerned about meeting a deadline in the AEM/CEM application/exam process should contact IAEM HQ at info@iaem.com. We recognize that your priority and focus is responding to the pandemic at this time, and IAEM staff will provide a response and further details to each request received. 
  • Certification Fees Increase Effective June 1, 2019 (25 Apr 2019) Certification and Recertification Fees will increase by 4% on June 1, 2019. Certification Application Fees will now be $410 for members and $620 for non-members. Recertification Fees will now be $260 for members and $340 for non-members. Candidates may click here to pay now and avoid the additional cost.
  • Online Certification Exam (14 Mar 2019) The certification exam has launched in an online format. This exciting change will ensure faster results notification for the candidates, increase exam security, and provide more comprehensive reporting statistics. You can find more information about using the online exam here.
  • Online Certification Exam (20 Dec 2018) IAEM will be launching the online certification exam on Mar. 18, 2019. If you plan to take the online exam after Mar. 18, 2019, please use the updated study guide to prepare for the exam. Further details about the online exam platform will be posted in early 2019.

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