Certification Code of Ethics

The International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) is an international organization dedicated to promoting the goals of saving lives and protecting property by mitigating, preparing for, responding to, and recovering from disasters/emergencies. IAEM sponsors the Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) and Associate Emergency Manager (AEM) Program to maintain professionalism through the certification process.

The IAEM Code of Ethics and the CEM/AEM Professional Code of Conduct (The Codes) must be embraced and upheld by all individuals who apply for and are awarded the CEM/AEM designation. Anyone that applies for and/or is awarded the CEM/AEM certification is required, as a condition of such certification, to at all times adhere to and uphold the IAEM Code of Ethics and CEM/AEM Professional Code of Conduct. All candidates promise to uphold the Codes that signify the assumption that the emergency manager will act prudently and responsibly beyond the requirements of law and codes.

The Codes embody the certification program philosophy and objectives. Each CEM/AEM candidate and certification awardee promises to be bound by and at all times adhere to the following:

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