Tech Specs for Participants

Technical Specifications for Participation in IAEM Reimagined

If you have been participating in virtual meetings on platforms such as Zoom, Go To Meeting, or Microsoft Teams, during these past months, then you should have no trouble participating in IAEM Reimagined. 

To be sure you have the best experience and are able to fully participate, here are some guidelines.

  • Use the most up-to-date version of Microsoft Chrome or Firefox for your Internet browser when you connect your laptop or desktop to the meeting.

  • Turn off your VPN, if you usually use one. The virtual meeting interface will NOT work with the VPN engaged.

  • Be sure to use a computer or laptop with either built in or external web camera and microphone. (This will let you network in V-meet rooms with other attendees, just like you would at an in-person conference.)

  • For the real techies, the best experience uses an Internet speed of at least 10 Mbts download and 5 Mbts upload for good video quality. Don’t worry about this if you have been participating in virtual meetings using video and have had no issues. Your speed is fine.

  • Close all unneeded applications to give your computer additional memory for video processing
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Dates and Locations

Dates and Locations of Future IAEM Annual Conferences:

 Oct. 15-22, 2021*,
Grand Rapids, Michigan 

 Nov. 11-18, 2022*,
 Savannah, Georgia

*The core program dates are Sunday - Wednesday, with additional Friday - Saturday, pre-conference and Thursday - Friday, post-conference training and other options.

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