Clayton Christopher Award 2019

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IAEM-USA Clayton R. Christopher Memorial Award

2019 Award Guidelines

How the Award Originated

In commemoration of Clayton R. Christopher, Vice-President, Region III, U.S. Civil Defense Council (Jan. 1, 1975-Oct. 29, 1976), Region III of the U.S. Civil Defense Council created an annual award titled the “Clayton R. Christopher Memorial Award.” The original Region III is now IAEM-USA Region 4 of the IAEM-USA Council. 

Who was Clayton R. Christopher?

Clayton R. Christopher served as Director of Clayton County, Georgia, Civil Defense from June 1962 until his death on Oct. 29, 1976, when he died in an airplane crash on his way to Thomasville, Georgia, to get final approval on plans for an addition to the county civil defense center from authorities in the Civil Defense Region Headquarters. He was Clayton County’s first Civil Defense Director and was instrumental in making emergency management in Clayton County what it is today. He reorganized and modernized the system. He also served as President of the U.S. Civil Defense Council Region III (now IAEM-USA Region 4).

IAEM-USA presents this award annually in honor of Clayton R. Christopher for his unselfish dedication. His principles of integrity and leadership have served as a guiding force to the institution of emergency management and formed a strong foundation for its future.

Eligibility for the Award

Any member of the International Association of Emergency Managers, USA Council, is eligible for the Clayton R. Christopher Memorial Award, provided he or she is:

  • A local emergency management director/coordinator (city, county, tribal) who is currently working in that position or has retired no earlier than the year 2016.
  • A member of IAEM-USA in good standing.

Basis for the Award

The award is presented to a member in recognition of unselfish devotion and outstanding contributions to the overall emergency management program. All nominations must contain written justification for the award. IAEM-USA members may nominate a local (city/county/tribal) emergency management director/coordinator deserving of the award regardless of the geographical location within the United States of the nominee or the nominator. Self-nominations are not accepted.

Judges for the Award

Clayton R. Christopher Memorial Award nominations will be judged through an unbiased selection process by judges jointly appointed by the IAEM-USA Awards & Recognition Committee and IAEM-USA Region 4 (which originated the award).

Award Announcement and Presentation

The IAEM-USA Clayton R. Christopher Memorial Award will be announced by the IAEM-USA Awards & Recognition Committee and IAEM-USA Region 4. The award presentation will take place at the IAEM 2019 Annual Conference, Savannah, Georgia, USA.