IAEM-USA Emergency Manager of the Year 2019

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IAEM-USA Emergency Manager of the Year Award

This award, first offered by IAEM-USA in 2018, is separate and distinctly different from the Clayton R. Christopher Memorial Award as it broadens eligibility beyond traditional local emergency management director/coordinator to allow any emergency management practitioner at any level (federal, state, tribal, academic, military, and private) the opportunity for recognition.

2019 Award Guidelines

Eligibility for the Award

Any member of the International Association of Emergency Managers, USA Council, is eligible for the Emergency Manager of the Year Award, provided he or she is:

  • A practitioner of emergency management who is currently working in that position or has retired no earlier than the year 2017. *Local emergency management directors/coordinators who may qualify for the Clayton R. Christopher Memorial Award may also be nominated for this competition. If an entry is selected for the Clayton R. Christopher Award, another entry will be selected for this award. (Separate entries required for each contest).
  • A member of IAEM-USA in good standing (as verified by IAEM as of June 1, 2018). 
  • Nominees should reflect the IAEM core principals of RESPECT, COMMITMENT, and PROFESSIONALISM as described in IAEM’s Code of Ethics.
  • No self-nominations are accepted.

Basis for the Award

The award is presented to an IAEM-USA member in recognition of outstanding contributions to the overall field of emergency management. All nominations must contain written justification for the award and should focus on recent accomplishments and contributions because this is not a lifetime achievement award.

IAEM members may nominate anyone who serves as a practitioner of emergency management for local, state, tribal, military, college/university, or federal government as an employee, contractor, academic instructor or researcher, or volunteer. Note: if active duty military, please also consider entering the competition for Uniformed Services Emergency Manager of the Year (see separate entry form). If selected for the Uniformed Services award, another entry will be considered for the Emergency Manager of the Year award.

The nominee must work and deliver services within the United States. This includes the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the territories of American Samoa, Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands.

Nominees who work part time outside the United States can be considered, as long as the majority of time the nominee delivers services is within the United States.

Award Announcement and Presentation

The IAEM-USA Emergency Manager of the Year Award will be announced by the IAEM-USA Awards & Recognition Committee and IAEM-USA Region 4. The award presentation will take place at the IAEM 2019 Annual Conference, Savannah, Georgia, USA.