IAEM Scholarship Application

IAEM scholarships are awarded through a competitive process to students worldwide, who are pursuing an associate or diploma, baccalaureate, or graduate degree in emergency management, disaster management, or a closely related field.

2020 Scholarship Application Period

The 2020 scholarship application period for full-time undergraduate and graduate and part-time graduate student begins June 10, 2020. All application materials must be submitted by 11:59:59 p.m. CDT, July 15, 2020Application Instructions should be downloaded and followed closely by all applicants. All forms required are available for download below.

In 2017, a special undergraduate scholarship was named for the Scholarship Program co-founder, Robert C. Bohlmann, CEM: The Robert C. Bohlmann, CEM, Scholarship for Service in Emergency Management. In 2020, this scholarship again will be awarded to the undergraduate student who has the highest score under the scholarship rating system. Other undergraduate and graduate scholarships will be awarded as IAEM scholarships.

The Samuel Henry Prince IAEM Scholarship will be offered to the highest rated part-time graduate student. This scholarship is funded by IAEM-Canada in honor of Canada’s Dr. Samuel Henry Prince, who is seminal in disaster studies. For his doctoral dissertation, he studied the 1917 Halifax, Canada, explosion, and explored how disasters cause social and behavioral change. Published in 1920, his dissertation inspired much of the academic research in the field of disaster and emergency management, and still serves as a foundation for scholars and students today. This is the third year this scholarship is being offered.

Application Form

Review the Application Instructions. Then, follow the links to the form relevant to you and begin the application. You will be prompted to log in prior to starting an application. IAEM members should use their current user name and password. If you are NOT an IAEM member and have not registered with us before, choose to register and you will receive a login and password. (Note: you do not have to be a member of IAEM to apply for a scholarship. Registering provides you limited access to IAEM programs, such as certification, scholarship, or meeting registrations.) NOTE: Do not start a new application to upload documents. Follow the application instructions and login to add documentation to the application previously started.


To assist applicants, the Scholarship Commission has created checklists for each application type. This tool will help student applicants track materials that are needed to complete a successful application. Download the list for your application type below and ensure that all required materials are uploaded into your scholarship application. The essay questions for your application type are included in the checklist.

Questions may be directed to:

Dawn M. Shiley, IAEM Scholarship Program Director, shiley@iaem.com, or 703-538-3542.