Student Chapter Zilina

University of Zilina

Zilina, Slovak Republic

Chapter President
Ing. Gabriela Jánošíková


Chapter Advisor
Jozef Ristvej, Ph.D.


Officers of the Zilina Student Chapter:

University Web Site: www.fsi.uniza.sk

Faculty’s Mission: "Prepare university educated managers and experts for solution of crises situations in all spheres of human life."

The studies at Faculty of Special Engineering are technologically and managerially oriented. Faculty study programs encompass specific subjects for preparing the bachalors´ and engineers’ education for the needs of public administration, namely in subjects in civil and social security. For various companies of national economy, social and other public institutions, the study programs are oriented to the problems of technological, economical, property and capital security, to safety at work, protection of persons, fire protection and solution of overall emergency and crises situations. Further, they are oriented to environmental problems including the solutions of natural disasters and catastrophes, and specifically to the problems of critical phenomena in transport infrastructure, transport modes and logistics, too. There are four departments in Faculty:

  • Department of Crisis Management
  • Department of Fire Engineering
  • Department of Security Management
  • Department of Technical Sciences and Informatics

Chapter News

University of Zilina Student Chapter Holds First Meeting

The first Central European IAEM student chapter held its first meeting on 25th January 2010, with all the Faculty members and advisors as well as the Faculty officials. We introduced members of our chapter, and discussed the opportunities and advantages resulting from our membership. The chapter’s members are PhD students from all the departments of Faculty of Special Engineering, willing and capable to share their knowledge, skills and attitudes in IAEM conferences, summits, workshops or by IAEM Bulletin and via email communication. Internships and stipendiums seem to be very attractive for our members.

Afterwards, we discussed our goals and set up the activity plan for next period. Real work is starting, and we should use all the ways of communication in order to profit from the membership and to make ourselves active and visible within the association. We would like to be connected to conferences in a short time. We are writing several articles to be published in certain interesting conferences. Also, we would like to publish some article in a future issue of the IAEM Bulletin about first activities of our student chapter.