Student Council News


  • The 2019 IAEM Awards Competition entry deadline has been extended to June 18, 2019, 5:00 p.m. EDTThe extension for IAEM-Global awards categories, as well as additional USA Council awards categories, was announced to all IAEM members on June 4. 

  • Don't miss the free download of the March 2019 IAEM Bulletin issue on mentors (20 Mar 2019) The members-only IAEM Bulletin special focus issue honoring mentors has been published, and it is available to the public. The March issue on “Honor the Past, The People We Remember,” has been selected as IAEM’s current “sample issue” and is downloadable from the IAEM Bulletin web page. If you are not a member of IAEM, this issue will let you know what you’re missing. IAEM also wanted to further honor mentors by sharing the articles about them with a broader audience of emergency management professionals. Please share this issue with others. The IAEM Editorial Work Group will consider articles about the person who made the most difference in your EM career in future issues of the IAEM Bulletin. Contact Karen Thompson, editor, with any questions at Thompson@iaem.com.

  • Governor's Hurricane Conference Announces Conference Scholarships for Students (22 Jan 2019) Students may apply to participate in the 2019 Governor’s Hurricane Conference Program through Mar. 1, 2019. The program empowers the next generation of emergency management professionals through education, networking and mentorship. This program provides currently enrolled students in emergency management and related fields of study with the opportunity to attend the Governor's Hurricane Conference, May 12-17, 2019, in Palm Beach County, Florida, with registration, access to the conference exhibit hall, and lodging expenses covered. Throughout the conference, students will attend training sessions and participate in workshops. The program provides ample opportunity for students to engage with and receive mentorship from esteemed emergency management professionals through student-specific events. Learn more on the GHC website.


  • IAEM-Global Student Council Presents EMbark Student Career and Professional Day at the 2018 IAEM Conference (04 Oct 2018) We hope you’ve marked your calendars! The Global Student Council’s (GSC) second annual EMbark Student Career and Professional Day will be on Sunday, October 21st, from 12 to 4pm at the IAEM conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We want you there!

    EMbark offers sessions designed for IAEM’s diverse student and new professional members. Whether you’re a student, scholar, new practitioner – or all three – you’ll find something of value at EMbak. Speakers, presentations and sessions are geared specifically at students and new professionals.

    EMbark aims to bring you interesting and beneficial topics, as well as the opportunity to learn and use needed skills. These skills include learning how to navigate the terrain of both academics and practice and successfully transitioning after your graduate, how to network, how to engage with colleagues and peers, identify mentors, etc. In addition, EMbark will help you learn about the various career opportunities available in the EM field. Thus, grab an early lunch so you have enough fuel to actively participate and come join us! There will be a couple of breaks for you all to grab some quick snacks and caffeinated beverages from nearby places.

    EMbark will have three distinguished speaker presentation this year. GSC is honored to announce our guest speakers for 2018: Mr. Leslie Luke, Deputy Director for the Los Angeles County Office of Emergency Management, and the chair of the IAEM-USA Diversity Caucus; Sarah Miller, CEM, owner of S.K. Miller Consulting, chair of the IAEM-USA Emerging Technology Caucus, and co-lead of the IAEM Student Task Force; and Charles Palocy, President of the IAEM-USA Student Region. Come here them speak, learn from them, and take advantage of the opportunity to ask them your burning questions!

    This year, EMbark is introducing EMbark Rapid Fire Talks! This interactive opportunity is a platform for you to talk about a specific topic of interest. This is a chance for you to participate, practice your public speaking skills, and get positive feedback in an encouraging space. We will have distinguished judges providing you valuable and encouraging feedback on how to improve your talks.

    The EMbark Rapid Fire Talks are designed to be 5-minutes long. You choose the topic you feel most comfortable with. Some ideas can be: current research projects/dissertation; a special research interest; 5-minute job/internship pitch (your elevator pitch); an introduction pitch on your educational and work background. You can sign up in advance for a spot. Send us a private message on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/IAEMGlobalStudentCouncil) or send us an email at iaemgsc@gmail.com. You can also sign-up at EMbark for any open spots available that day. If you’ve ever secretly wanted to do an IAEM EMvision Talks (based on TED Talks), this is your chance to get some practice and overcome your fears!

    After EMbark is over, the IAEM conference really kicks-off. As part of GSC’s commitment to supporting and encouraging students, we’ll all be going as a group to the IAEM Pre-Welcome Party Meet and Greet, which starts at 4:30 pm. Then it’s off to the Welcome & Networking Party.

    GSC wants you to have the most educational, productive and fun conference experience. As such, we’ll keep sending reminders about EMbark up until the IAEM conference. We’ll also send you more information on speakers and sessions as we get closer to the IAEM conference. Don’t forget to check out the GSC on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter! We’ll see you there!


  • Results of IAEM-GSC Election (22 Dec 2017) In the election ending on Dec. 22, 2017, Susamma Seeley was elected as Student Council Secretary, and Thomas Reimann was elected as Student Council Treasurer. They will take office on Jan. 1, 2018. 
  • See How Youth Are Standing Strong Against Disasters; Your Vote Decides How Much $$$ Each Project Receives (03 Oct 2017) Youth Service America challenged youth to propose creative and innovative ideas to stand strong against disasters like hurricanes and wildfires by providing immediate relief to those affected by recent disasters, supporting long-term recovery and rebuilding efforts, and helping prepare their own communities for disasters. They selected 12 finalists, and now your vote decides how much each project will receive! Three grants of $1,000, 3 grants of $500, 3 grants of $250, and 3 grants of $100 will be awarded to the finalists based on the number of votes each receives by 11:59 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Oct. 4, 2017. Watch the finalists' videos, read about their proposed projects, and vote for your favorites (by clicking the thumbs up icon on their project page) at www.YSA.org/standstrongvotingNOTE: IAEM member Dr. Mutryce Williams' sons (USVI) are among the finalists.
  • FEMA/EMI Extends Application Date to May 1 for EM Higher Education Symposium (24 Apr 2017) The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Emergency Management Institute (EMI) has extended the application deadline to May 1, 2017, for its 19th Annual Higher Education Symposium. The symposium will take place June 5-8, 2017, at the National Emergency Training Center in Emmitsburg, Maryland. This year’s event will focus on exploring the theme of "Meeting the Community Needs" to understand what the Higher Education Community and whole community needs to be able to move toward realizing the National Preparedness Goal. Download an invitation package, along with information on the need for additional moderators and student volunteers. 
  • 31st Annual Governor’s Hurricane Conference Will Host a Workshop for Student Academic Research Presentations (14 Feb 2017) As part of its 2017 conference program, the Governor’s Hurricane Conference (GHC), set for May 14-19, in West Palm Beach, Florida, is hosting a May 18 workshop for students to present their original academic research. Students currently enrolled in institutions of higher education and who have taken or are taking emergency management related courses are encouraged to submit an application and abstract by Mar. 10, 2017. See complete details online.
  • Opportunity to Join IAEM-GSC Committees (11 Jan 2017) The IAEM-GSC Board wants to make 2017 the best year ever and to do that, we need your participation. We have several projects and plans that we want to fulfill. If you have an interest in participating in any of the below committees or positions, please email iaemgsc@gmail.com.
    • The Strategic Initiatives Commitee is the groups that comes up with new ideas or takes ideas form others and develops them into a functional process or program. One of the ideas we want this group to work on this year is the development of a mentor program. We are currently in need of a committee chair and as many members as we can get to do some great work!
    • The Conference Student Day Committee works to organize and develop our student event at the annual IAEM conference. This includes coordinating with the overall conference committee, designing a schedule, designing the program, choosing speakers, and any other planning that needs to be done to make this a wonderful event. We need more committee membersto work with Committee Chair Cedric Andriamady.
    • The Essay Contest Committee works to plan the annual essay contest held by the Global Student Council. This includes choosing the theme, developing the rules, advertising it, developing the prizes offered to the winners, choosing a scoring committee, and notifying winners. We need committee members to work with Committee Chair Mutryce Kennings-Williams.

Your willingness to volunteer provides many benefits. Not only do you have the opportunity to earn credit toward your AEM or CEM, but this type of p[participation can be a great resume builder for those of you who will be seeking jobs in the near future. In addition, your willingness to volunteer allows us to continuing to provide better benefits to our membership. Please consider participating in one of these committees. Lastly, we want to hear your ideas. Whether you choose to volunteer or not, let us know if you have an idea that would help us provide better opportunities and benefits to our members. Remember, just email iaemgsc@gmail.com with your participation interests or ideas.

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