• The 2019 IAEM Awards Competition entry deadline has been extended to June 18, 2019, 5:00 p.m. EDTThe extension for IAEM-Global awards categories, as well as additional USA Council awards categories, was announced to all IAEM members on June 4. 

  • Don't miss the free download of the March 2019 IAEM Bulletin issue on mentors (20 Mar 2019) The members-only IAEM Bulletin special focus issue honoring mentors has been published, and it is available to the public. The March issue on “Honor the Past, The People We Remember,” has been selected as IAEM’s current “sample issue” and is downloadable from the IAEM Bulletin web page. If you are not a member of IAEM, this issue will let you know what you’re missing. IAEM also wanted to further honor mentors by sharing the articles about them with a broader audience of emergency management professionals. Please share this issue with others. The IAEM Editorial Work Group will consider articles about the person who made the most difference in your EM career in future issues of the IAEM Bulletin. Contact Karen Thompson, editor, with any questions at Thompson@iaem.com.

  • Registration Is Now Open for the IAEM 2017 Annual Conference (22 June 2017) Discover for your yourself why the IAEM Annual Conference is consistently described as the premiere emergency management event of the year! Register today and save up to $100 off your registration fee for the 65th IAEM Annual Conference & EMEX in Long Beach, California, Nov. 10-15, 2017. Complete details, including the online program and video highlights from the 2016 IAEM Annual Conference, can be found at www.iaemconference.info

  • Aug. 16-18, 2017
    Expo Proteção - 7th International Fair of Safety at Work
    Expo Emergência - 11th Fair of Rescue, Pre-Hospital Attendance, Firefighting, and Chemical Emergencies
    1st Latin American Congress of Emergency Managers (supported by AIGELAC and IAEM)

    Expo Center Norte
    São Paulo, Brasil
    Expo Proteção event site | Expo Emergência event site
    Download event brochure 
    Expo Proteção (occupational health and safety) and its parallel event, Expo Emergência (rescue, firefighting, and emergencies), will bring together more than 300 exhibitors and about 50,000 professionals during three days in São Paulo. The expo is accompanied by technical events of professional management and technical training, through congresses, seminars, meetings, workshops, and courses, in addition to technical lectures offered by exhibitors. In its 7th year, Expo Proteção is consolidated as an indispensable space for business, the exchange of experiences, and professional training.

    In addition to its recognized tradition as a technical event, the expo will provide access to the 1st Latin American Congress of Emergency Managers, supported by AIGELAC (International Association of Emergency Managers of Latin America and the Caribbean) and IAEM (International Association of Emergency Managers), making this a unique occasion. The exhibitors will be face-to-face with about 7,000 professional decision-makers from Brasil and other countries, who will attend the technical events. In addition, 40,000 visitors will be at the fair, checking the innovations now available in these sectors and exchanging experiences with suppliers of products and services focused on health and safety at work. At the moment that Brazil is going through economic recovery, so Expo Proteção 2017 is the right event for exhibitors and visitors to forge new strategic partnerships in pursuit of common goals.

  • Call for IAEM Annual Conference Speakers Open Until Feb. 17, 2017, 5:00 p.m. EST (11 Jan 2017) You are invited to submit your
    abstract to be considered for a breakout session at the IAEM 65th Annual Conference & EMEX Expo, Nov. 10-15, 2017, in Long Beach, California. To be selected, it is crucial that your submission be a compelling presentation “story” that will engage the IAEM audience. Speakers must be knowledgeable and qualified on the subject matter being presented. Submission requirements and instructions can be found in the Speaker Submission Guidance. Breakout sessions are one hour in length, including Q&A.
  • Trial Memberships Are Available through May 31, 2017 for New Individual Members in the IAEM Latin America & Caribbean Council (12 May 2015) The Latin America & Carribean Council (LAC) began offering free trial memberships on June 1, 2015, and this offer will continue through May 31, 2017. This offer is only for new Individual members in the IAEM-LAC Council.
  • You will receive a full membership for 12 months, with all member benefits—an incredible opportunity to experience what IAEM has to offer, in addition to growing our collective strength in knowledge and experience. This is your chance to participate in our network, attend our incredible annual conference, receive our IAEM Bulletin, and have a voice in our profession and the policies that impact our communities. Experience IAEM at no charge for 12 full months! JOIN NOW.

    How Do You Sign Up?
    1. Go to the online application page at http://www.iaem.com/page.cfm?p=join/online.
    2. Complete contact information fields and all other required fields.
    3. In the Membership Category drop-down box, select “Latin American & Caribbean – Trial Individual Membership Offer.”
    4. Click on the POST CHANGES button.
    5. You should receive a confirmation email and begin receiving IAEM member entitlements within 48 hours.

  • IAEM-Salvador Founded as National Council of the IAEM Latin America and Caribbean Council (03 May 2016) On Apr. 22, 2016, IAEM-Salvador was founded as a national council of the IAEM Latin American and Caribbean Council (IAEM-LAC). “It is a pleasure to announce the foundation of IAEM-Salvador on Earth Day, Apr. 22,” stated IAEM-LAC President Roberto Macchiavello, CA, CEO, Agemer S.A., Santiago, Chile. “The creation of IAEM-Salvador was accomplished through the effort, service vocation, heart, and enthusiasm of a group of businessmen. This is an important event for IAEM-LAC and for the humanitarian movement that we all promote.” IAEM-LAC members welcome IAEM-Salvador as a new partner in promoting the mission of IAEM and wish them the greatest success.

  • IAEM-LAC Chile to Hold Conference on Sept. 1 in Santiago (31 Aug 2015) On Tuesday, Sept. 1, IAEM-LAC Chile is holding a confernece in Santiago, Chile, with business leaders being invited to attend. Roberto Macchiavello M., President of the International Association for Emergency Managers of Chile (AIGELAC-Chile), greets you cordially and has the pleasure to invite you to a conference where it will be explained the goals of the organization in Chile. Download invitation.
    Additionally two talks will be held:
    • "Risks and Natural Hazards in Chile: the Challenge" by Mr. Luis C. Donoso, Geophysical, Advisor in Strategic Policy on Energy, Environment and Civil Protection.
    • "Emergency Management System.The Need for a Standard" by Mr. Guillermo Araya H. Consultant, Specialist in Educational Management & Planning and Management for Disaster Risk Reduction.
  • IAEM-Brazil (AIGELAC) Was Present Aug. 5-7 at the "Expo-Proteção” (14 Aug 2015) The “Expo Proteção” is an event that occurs annually between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, bringing together professionals and companies in the sector to exchange experiences, courses, lectures and presentations. It is an opportunity to see and be seen by the entire market. This year AIGELAC presented to the Brazilian professionals its goal of providing training, continuing education and certification, represented by its Vice-President Fernando Marino. During the three days of the event, we received hundreds of visits, some initial agreements with some educational institutions in São Paulo in order to offer locally our courses and training. "We believe in the success of our work and the result of this mission is just beginning." – Fernando Marinho, Vice-President, AIGELAC, Brazil
IAEM-Brazil (AIGELAC) was present at the "Expo-Proteção” (05-07 Aug 2015)
  • IAEM Latin America & Caribbean Council Becomes Newest Council within the IAEM-Global Structure (16 Oct 2014) The IAEM Latin America & Carribean Council (IAEM-LAC) became the eighth Council within the International Association of Emergency Managers on Oct. 16, 2014, with the establishment of its Council Bylaws. Founding officers of IAEM-LAC are: Roberto Macchiavello, President; Fernando Marinho, Vice President; Martin Closa, Treasurer; and Tulio Castillo, Secretary. IAEM-LAC President Roberto Macchiavello will represent the new Council on the IAEM-Global Board of Directors.

    "We have been able to materialize a beautiful dream – the constitution of the first IAEM Latin America & Caribbean Council, with the attendance of a group of countries, which represents very well the huge geographical and cultural extent of the region," stated Roberto Macchiavello, IAEM-LAC Council President. "A giant was born, with more than 600 million people distributed in more than 40 political units or independent administrative areas. The Council will focus around the principles, values and ethical frame of IAEM, to which we want to contribute our particular vision and culture in order to build societies that are more safe, more resistant and more resilient."

    The IAEM Latin America & Caribbean Council (LAC) includes IAEM members in all countries in South and Central America, as well as members in Caribbean nations. Members from the IAEM-LAC come from these countries: Anguilla, Antiqua & Barbuda, Argentina, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Curacao, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Equador, El Salvador, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Martinique, Mexico, Montserrat, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Kitts & Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Martin, Saint Vincent & the Grenadines, Trinidad & Tobago, Turks & Caicos, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

    The inaugural meeting of the new IAEM Latin America & Caribbean Council took place during the 2nd SICUR-Latinoamérica, International Exhibition of Equipment, Products, Technologies and Services for Comprehensive Safety, which was held Oct. 15-17, 2014, in Santiago, Chile. IAEM partnered with SICUR-Latinoamérica 2014 as the exclusive North American representatives for exhibitors from the United States and throughout North America.


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