Discussion Board

Discussion Board

IAEM Ning Community Helps Members Collaborate on Issues

Welcome to the IAEM Discussion Board, an exciting new feature created as part of the IAEM's new website. IAEM’s Discussion Board has been created to enable collaboration between IAEM members and others interested in emergency management.

Types of Groups

Two types of Groups have been created within this Board: Discussion and Collaboration.

  • Discussions Group: As a service to the industry, IAEM is known for facilitating discussion about critical emergency management topics between members and non-members. Most of the Discussion Groups are open, and anyone interested in creating discussion topics and contributing is welcome to participate.
  • Collaboration Groups: Collaboration Groups have been set up when requested for IAEM Committees/Caucus/Work Groups and other projects. Collaboration groups are closed, and the chairman or moderator of the group manages the membership. IAEM members who wish to participate should contact the chairman of their group of interest and request to become a member.

Standards of Excellence

As a participating member of an IAEM Discussion Board, we ask you to abide by the Guidelines provided in the community and contribute your ideas and thoughts in a respectful manner.

How to Join and How it Works

To join in the conversation or work with your committee, you must join the IAEM Ning community. This is similar to joining LinkedIn or Facebook. You create a profile with as little or as much information, including a picture (if you want). You control your login and password.

  • To join, click here.
  • You will see a box and the join link is in the top right of the box.
  • Once you are a member, you can join groups, start topics within a group, answer questions, or just sit back and read what others have to say. You can always get to IAEM’s Discussion Board by clicking the D icon at the bottom of any page in the website. It will take you to the login page, and you will just enter the email and login that you chose to use and go into the network. You can also set it so that it remembers both (just like Facebook), and then you just go automatically into the community.


Questions about the IAEM Ning Community should be directed to IAEM Marketing & Communication Manager Dawn Shiley.