USA Ad Hoc Committees & Advisory Boards

USA Ad Hoc Committees & Advisory Boards

Interested in Joining an Ad Hoc?

IAEM-USA members should visit the ad hoc page and email the leadership. Members may retrieve ad hoc leadership email address by searching the membership directory.

Want to Form a New Group?

Email chelsea@iaem.com an issue paper identifying the group purpose, tasks, and composition. The IAEM-USA Board must approve all new groups.


IAEM-USA Ad Hoc Chair Resources

Reporting Schedule
Quarter 1 – Due Jan. 15, 2019 (for Nov. 1-Jan. 15)
Quarter 2 – Due Mar. 1, 2019 (for Jan. 15-Feb. 28)
Quarter 3 – Due June 1, 2019 (for Mar. 1-May 31)
Quarter 4 – Due Sept. 1, 2019 (for June 1-Aug. 31)