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Jan. 25, 2023
How to Begin: Including People with Disabilities More Fully Within Emergency Management Communities


Most emergency managers feel it is important to include people with various disabilities within their communities, but some managers do not know how to begin a conversation. This one-hour webinar will present strategies to assist in determining policy and best practice. Communication techniques will be discussed along with recommendations for tools to reach out to your community members with disabilities. People with disabilities are often not socialized to know how to keep themselves safe. Fostering relationships with these community members will help to facilitate information and develop safety techniques. Technology tools to assist people before, during, and after a crisis will also be presented.

IAEM Invites You to Participate in the 2022 IAEM Virtual Conference On-demand

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Because of the high praises received by members for the 2021 virtual offering, and requests for more digital content, IAEM is proud to present our mid-year event, the IAEM Virtual Conference on-demand. More than 20 speakers provide presentations on fresh, new materials during this event. 

The IAEM Virtual Conference on-demand presentations from more than 20 speakers. Register for fresh, new ideas being shared on issues relevant to the emergency management community.

Two Cs – Connections and Contact Hours

The Virtual Conference is hosted on a dynamic platform and provides content to the registrants on-demand following the event until March 2023. Attendees receive attendance credit that may be used as contact hours for IAEM’s Certified Emergency Manager Program. 


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