Global Awards 2020

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IAEM-Global Awards Competition

IAEM-Global 2020 Awards Guidelines & Entry Forms

IAEM-Global 2020 Awards Categories

There are four award categories in the 2019 IAEM-Global Awards Competition, which are open to entries from any location worldwide.

  1. Business & Industry Preparedness Award (one winner) – is based on excellence in implementing a program that plans for multiple hazards, sets implementation priorities, is cost effective, links all levels of the organization, and coordinates with local emergency response and management agencies. The program must be replicable by similar organizations in business and industry.
  2. Partners in Preparedness Award (Public/Private Partnership) (one winner) – recognizes programs or processes that demonstrate innovative, multi-participant involvement between local governments/governmental entities and private sector businesses, non-governmental organizations/non-profits, public or private schools, or individuals which have resulted in effective and efficient incident management, emergency management or homeland security processes. Two award certificates are given for this one award: one for the local government agency partner and one for the supporting industry partner.
  3. Public Awareness Award (one winner) – recognizes outstanding public awareness programs or public education products related to emergency management, homeland security, public health preparedness, and/or disaster preparedness.
  4. Technology and Innovation Award (one winner) – recognizes the development of technology and innovation to improve emergency management operations, public education, or the emergency management/homeland security field. The winning project must be capable of being shared with IAEM members via a link from the IAEM website.

This is a multi-level competition. Entrants will compete with entrants within their area, and winners will then compete at the Global level.

Awards Announcement and Presentation

Award winners of the 2020 IAEM-Global Awards Competition are announced by the IAEM Awards & Recognition Committee. Award presentations will take place at the 2020 IAEM Annual Conference, Long Beach, California, USA.