Strategic Planning Ad Hoc Committee

Point of Contact:
Chandra Fox, cefox121@msn.com

Board Liaison:
Teri Smith, CEM, USA2ndVP@iaem.com

Staff Liaison:
Chelsea Firth, chelsea@iaem.com

To be an official member of the IAEM-USA State EM Associations Ad Hoc Committee, as reported to the IAEM-USA Board, an individual must be a member of IAEM-USA in good standing. If you are interested in joining the ad hoc committee, contact the committee chair. IAEM members may easily retrieve the committee leadership email addresses by downloading the complete list.

Purpose Statement

Work with the IAEM Board throughout the strategic planning process and in between planning cycles, including but not limited to: connect with members to ensure an inclusive planning process, monitor the implementation strategy for the current strategic plan, communicate the goals of the plan and the planning process to the general membership and encourage members and member groups to take an active role in helping IAEM achieve its goals.

Committee Documents and Meeting Records

Note: Committee documents are for members only. You will be prompted to log in with your IAEM member ID and password in order to obtain access.

Committee documents include: the IAEM-USA Strategic Plan, committee work plans, SWOT analysis summary, key results areas, development worksheet, planning process, and more. Additionally, minutes from committee meetings are posted.

Members Only: Committee Documents and Meeting Records

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