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December 2020 EM in an Age of Extremes: How to Help Children, Families and Professionals Affected by Multiple Disasters Valerie Lucas-McEwen CEM
May 2020 School's Not in Session: What Do Families Do When Disaster Strikes?  Jennifer Sampson, AEM
July 2017
Child’s Play: Remembering our Youngest in Disaster Planning Andrew Roszak, JD, MPA
June 2017

Small Steps in Emergency Management Can Mean Big Gains for Children Sarah Thompson, CEM

Feb 2017

Children in Exercises: Testing Planning Assumptions Allen King, CEM

Oct 2016 How Children and Disaster Task Forces Can Help State and Local Jurisdictions Better Prepare to Meet the Disaster Needs of Children Drew Bumbak

Feb 2016

Breastfeeding in Shelters Samantha Miller

Jan 2016 Emergency Medical Services for Children: Closing the Gaps in Pediatric Disaster Preparedness Anthony Gilchrest, Diane Pilkey

Sept 2015

Activities for Children to Promote Recovery from Disasters

Samantha Miller

Dec 2014

Ensuring Children’s Needs Are Addressed in Disaster Planning, Preparedness, Response and Recovery Lauralee Koziol

Aug 2014

Meeting the Unique Needs of Children in Shelters

Samantha Miller

July 2014 Supporting Resilience in Young Children - Building a Cadre of Certified Volunteers Kathy Fry-Miller

June 2014

Children Separated by Disasters: Reunification Challenges and Resources

Sharon Hawa

May 2014 Children In Disasters: IAEM-USA Caucus Considers their Unique, Distinct Needs

Drew Bumbak

CAD Presentations and Articles Index