• “The IAEM Annual Conference is a must experience for both disaster researchers and emergency management professionals. It has provided real networking opportunities for me over the years and an excellent forum to present the latest research results. If you want to know what really is going on in emergency management today, this is the place to be.”
    - Thomas E. Drabek, John Evans Professor Emeritus, University of Denver (author of The Human Side of Disaster, Second Edition)

  • “The IAEM Annual Conference provides an opportunity for all levels of emergency managers to learn, to grow, and to meet colleagues from around the world. IAEM offers a wide range of stimulating programs that will enlighten everyone, from students to 30-year veterans of emergency management. While attending the IAEM Annual Conference, I have always found new ideas to help me grow both personally and professionally.”
    - Richard Serino, 8th FEMA Deputy Administrator; “Distinguished Visiting Fellow” – Harvard School of Public Health- National Preparedness Leadership Initiative

  • " Networking Networking Networking - these days it is highly valuable to have an expansive network of experts to reach out to when needed. IAEM puts all of these people under one roof and gives you valuable access to tap into assets, resources and a plethora of knowledge across different disciplines under the umbrella of Emergency Management!"
    - Nicole Marks, New York State, Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services

  • "The IAEM Conference gave me a much needed opportunity to step back from my day-to-day and re-evaluate my program's priorities and strategies."
    - Catherine Dalton, Washington University in St. Louis

  • "The conference allowed me to reconnect with colleagues, make new relationships and refresh my knowledge, which helps my career and my clients."
    - Alfredo Lagos, Emergency Management/Response Specialist, CSRA

  • "As a first-time attendee, I was extremely happy with the program and conference overall, and found a great deal of valuable information to bring home."
    - Sally Bishop, Pinellas County Emergency Management

  • "This is a world class conference. A must for every emergency manager. The IAEM team is phenomenal!"
    - Bryan Kortcamp,  The Master's University 

  • "This was my first conference and I was able to make many new connections and take back new ideas to share with my organization."
    - Chris Donegon, City of Fort Collins

  • "The timeliness, the relevance, and the passion of the general session speakers was beyond expectation.  These individuals captured the heart and soul of what emergency management is at its best."
    - David Barber, MIT

  • "Being a new emergency manager and being able to attend a one stop shop of information and training, as well as the networking opportunity, was a great experience. I can't wait to attend next year!"
    - Christine Ross, NY Army National Guard

  • "The information shared at this conference is invaluable, indispensable, extremely useful.  If your employer won't send you... take vacation days - but DON'T miss this conference."
    - Patrick Meyers,  Greater New York Hospital Association 

  • "I can walk away from this conference filled with a toolbox I can use at my position to help better my community"
    - Sadie Martinez,   The Independence Center

  • “I thoroughly enjoyed all the aspects of the conference from networking, to presentations, and vendors. I came home busting with ideas to make my organization better.”
    - Jo Anne Duckworth, Union County (IA) Emergency Management Agency

  • “The IAEM Annual Conference was beyond my expectations as a first-time attendee. It provided so much networking and the ability to find counterparts in other states to allow the exchange of information, which was truly amazing. If you haven’t been, plan to go! There is so much to learn and explore at IAEM.”
    - Veronica Sanches, Lone Star College System Office of Emergency Management

  • “Attending the IAEM Annual Conference is a great way to “jump start” my thinking about how to work smarter and more effectively as a local emergency manager. The Conference also provides invaluable opportunities to meet and learn from colleagues all over the world.
    - Edie Schaffer, Emergency Planner, San Francisco Department of Emergency Management

  • “The place for top notch networking, information sessions, and vendor interaction you can’t get at any other conference. The IAEM Annual Conference is the one conference I look forward to every year.”
    - Marc Burdiss, Northern Arizona University Office of Emergency Management

  • "As a first-time attendee, I was very impressed with the IAEM community. Everyone was so welcoming and willing to share their experiences and expertise. This is by far the friendliest conference I have ever attended."
    - Tracy Wilson-Gerwing,  City of Martensville 

  • "IAEM allows me the opportunity to put faces to Twitter handles and to connect with world leaders in emergency management. It is an invaluable experience for emergency managers across all sectors, especially those looking to share and expand their mind."
    - Kyle Nelson,  Epicenter Media & Training 

  • "I really enjoyed hearing the perspectives of the keynote speakers and felt they were purposely selected from a variety of EM backgrounds." - Chris Lochra, City of Fort Collins

  • “The IAEM Annual Conference is the one, best opportunity each year to connect with forward-thinking practitioners and take home new approaches to old problems.”
    - Pat Mialy, City of Loveland Fire Rescue

  • “The IAEM Annual Conference provides information that is critical to remaining current on emergency management trends and emerging threats.”
    - CAPT Joseph Gleason, US Coast Guard

  • “As a long time Emergency Manager, but a first time conference attendee, I feel I have missed out on a wonderful training, networking, and product exhibition opportunity for way too long. You can count on seeing me at the next year's IAEM Annual Conference, and every year thereafter!”
    - Paul Walker, Emergency Manager, City of Ontario

  • “This is the premiere annual conference for emergency managers worldwide. Not only is there value in the general and breakout sessions, but also in the vendor access and networking opportunities.”
    - Nora Yotsov, Clackamas County Emergency Management

  • “The IAEM Annual Conference was a valuable experience and provided not only networking opportunities but effective avenues for emergency management professionals to continue to learn about research trends and best practices in the field.”
    - Christina Doerter, ai Solutions

  • “IAEM does a great job in gathering valued topics that give the conference attendees an opportunity to bring back to their organizations the information necessary to stay progressive in the Emergency Management arena.”
    -  Randy Pommenville, City of Overland Park (KS) Fire Department

  • “The best mentoring and networking opportunity where emergency management professionals can exchange and discuss lessons learned and best practices to enhance overall preparedness.”
    - Joseph J. Leonard, Jr., (CDR, USCG, ret.) Senior Consultant, CTEH

  • “Attending the annual conference is important to get to know the organization, receive information that helps me do my job even better, and is worth the money it costs to attend. It is truly an experience all members should partake. Attending is the best way to connect and make connections with people doing similar work to you.”
    - Erika Mahoney, Do 1 Thing-Lansing Emergency Management

  • “As someone new to the field of emergency management, the IAEM conference made it possible for me to make connections with seasoned practitioners and to learn and grow as a professional. I would strongly recommend attendance to any new emergency manager.”
    - Alex Abdun-Nabi, University of Michigan

  • “This conference provides an opportunity to engage with professionals from around the world and share best practices that will grow our profession.”
    - Scott Mickalonis, Penn State Hershey Medical Center

  • “The IAEM Annual Conference met all of my expectations and more. I now want to attend all future IAEM conferences and become a member.”
    - Scott Huffman, Indiana Department of Homeland Security

  • “Attending the IAEM Annual Conference strengthened existing networks for me and provided a venue for establishing new partners at the conference.”
    - Eric Hodges, Illinois State University

  • “As a first-time student attendee, the conference gave me a whole new understanding of the emergency management field. It complimented everything I have been learning in the classroom and the networking was an invaluable experience for me.”
    - Assumpta Esiaka, student

  • “The IAEM Annual Conference was an excellent opportunity to learn from my peers and gain takeaways that I can use to better my program at home!”
    -  Brad Gilbert, Director Union Co Emergency Management Agency / Former President Emergency Management Association of Ohio

  • “As someone who works in disaster preparedness, response & recovery but not in ‘traditional’ emergency management, arriving at the IAEM Annual Conference I thought I would be the odd person out. I was skeptical about how valuable the event would be to my work in disaster mental health. However, I found all of the workshop sessions I attended to be highly informative and I made several valuable connections from across the country through the many opportunities for networking. I definitely plan on attending the IAEM Conference again!”
    - Christian Burgess, Director, Disaster Distress Helpline, Link2Health Solutions

  • “This was my first IAEM Annual Conference and it was one of the best and most valuable conferences I have ever attended. The amount of information and ideas you get from this one conference far surpasses the other 4 conferences I attended this year!”
    - Peter Perez, City of Longmont, Office of Emergency Management

  • “The IAEM Annual Conference offers an outstanding collection of practitioners, scholars, and vendors dedicated to serving the public!”
    - Brenda Phillips, Ph.D., Associate Dean, Ohio University-Chillicothe, IAEM Annual Conference plenary speaker

  • “IAEM Annual Conference gave me the foundation to meet and share information with colleagues from all over the world in a single location, while expanding my knowledge of lessons learned from actual incidents and finding common ground related to the challenges that we in the emergency management field face.”
    - Shelly Butts, Madison County Office of Emergency Management

  • “This experience, buoyed by the friendly, helpful IAEM, was enjoyable, extremely edifying and beneficial. The learning will not be lost in transit, but safely transported to the British Virgin Islands’ Department of Disaster Management to the benefit of all our residents and visitors.”
    Zebalon McLean, Chief Fire Officer, Virgin Islands Fire and Rescue Service

  • “For me, the IAEM Annual Conference was an eye-opening experience to what I’d consider a staple of our profession. The experience tore down walls in my mind that I knew had been around forever and allowed me to bring back strategies, apply them, and move on to new projects. I met some of the profession’s best, and now have them at an arm’s reach for expert guidance and counsel. If the IAEM Conference is not a value, rich education, and a strong network, I’m not sure what else is in emergency management.”
    - L. Keith Dowler, MA, CEM, Assistant Director, Near Southwest Preparedness Alliance

  • “World-class speakers, leaders in the industry, and an incredible learning and networking experience. The IAEM Annual Conference is the premier event for emergency managers.”
     - Kevin M. Cunningham, MS, CEM, CBCP, Global Head of Business Continuity and Crisis Management, NBC Universal

  • “IAEM puts on an excellent conference. They attract experienced participants and promote lively debate. I enjoyed being there.”
    - Eric Klinenberg, Sociologist and Author of “Heat Wave” and” Going Solo,” general session speaker

  • “I attended the IAEM Annual Conference to meet and develop relationships with fellow EMs from all over the world. During the conference, I had just separated from the Navy and was looking to expand my network. I met many professionals both in and out of the military. These relationships have helped me prosper in my position as a manager of enterprise risk and security at Sony Computer Entertainment America.”
    - Shawn VanDiver, MS, CEM, CPP, Security Operations Manager, Sony Computer Entertainment America and first-time attendee.

  • “The IAEM Annual Conference is the one, national, all-hazard conference for the emergency management profession. This conference provided an opportunity to network with colleagues from a variety of emergency management organizations and agencies across many sectors. As a representative of a faith-based organization and part of the VOAD community, the conference was an opportunity to participate in discussions that were mutually informative and enriching.”
    - Mike Patterson, CEM – Director, Emergency Disaster Services, The Salvation Army, North & South Carolina Division

  • “The primary reason I attend the IAEM Annual Conference every year is the networking opportunities. I have met people who have mentored me over the years, people who directed me toward caucuses and committees that have allowed me to grow my business, and people who have directed others my way. This has led to multiple national speaking engagements, opportunities to work with the private sector, and a very large network of people who I can rely on.”
    - Jacob Dickman, Principle, Sustainability Solutions Corporation.

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