Why Attend IAEM 2020 Annual Conference

Why Attend IAEM 2020 Annual Conference

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IAEM 2019 Conference Highlights

Listen to Podcasts of Attendees While at the IAEM Annual Conference

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The Dukes hotwash the International Association of Emergency Management (IAEM) Episode 27: I AM IAEM, AM I? Dec 6 · 73 minutes
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For any questions contact the IAEM Conference Manager, Julie Husk at jhusk@iaem.com or 703-538-1795 x 1789.
201 Park Washington CT,
Falls Church, VA 22046
Dates and Locations

Dates and Locations of Future IAEM Annual Conferences:

 Oct. 15-22, 2021*,
Grand Rapids, Michigan 

 Nov. 11-18, 2022*,
 Savannah, Georgia

*The core program dates are Sunday - Wednesday, with additional Friday - Saturday, pre-conference and Thursday - Friday, post-conference training and other options.

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