Poster Showcase

Poster Presentation Session on Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Come view your peers research, practice or general findings and expand your knowledge of the emergency management field during the morning program break on Tuesday, November 7, 2023. Posters will be displayed in the Promenade Lobby area outside the EMEX/Registration Hall. Participants will be standing by their posters available to discuss their research and answer questions.

PLUS, many of our IAEM-USA Caucuses, Committees and Regions will have posters showcasing their work over the past year. Learn how to get involved and expand your career in areas of interest to you.


2023 List of Poster Showcase Participants




Annal Dhungana,
PhD Student, Joint Centre for Disaster Research, Massey University
Graduate Student
A Conceptual Framework for Communicating 'Uncertainty of Scientific Model' for Emergency Management Planning Abstract
Dr. Frances Edwards,
CEM, PhD, Professor Emeritus, San Jose State University
Incident Command System For Transportation Field Personnel- NCHRP 20-59 (30) Abstract
Roni Fraser,
MA, Graduate Student, University of Delaware
Graduate Student
Through a Mother's Eyes: The Compound Nature of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Hurricane Ida on Maternal-Infant Health Abstract
Gabriel Goldstein,
Student, San Diego State University
Graduate Student
Improving The Integrated Public Alert & Warning System Abstract
Dr. Sean Graham,
Emergency Management Evaluator, Institute of Nuclear Power Operations
Strategies Prior to a Mass Shooting to Improve Collaboration  Abstract
Moriah Kitaeff,
Emergency Management Specialist 1, Fairfax County Department of Emergency Management and Security
Graduate Student 
COVID-19 Vaccinations and the Hispanic Communities of Texas and California
Alexandra Lahm,
Senior Emergency Management Specialist, NYU Langone Health
Enabling Action in the Face of Uncertainty: Using Crisis Management Drills as a Scalable Approach to Increasing Enterprise Resilience Abstract
Eric Marble,
Global Emergency Management Specialist, Jacksonville State University / Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
It’s Time to Share the Spotlight: We Don’t Need More Responders, We Need More Prepared Communities Abstract
Kelsey Rathke,
Lead, Incident & Crisis Management, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Graduate Student
Improving Collaboration by Simplifying Communication Abstract
Kymmie Scott, CEM,
Senior Emergency Preparedness Specialist, Tidal Basin Government Consulting
Preserving and Protecting Natural and Cultural Resources at the Local Government Level to Build Community Resilience Abstract
Elizabeth Todak,
Doctoral Student, Jacksonville State University
Graduate Student
Access and Functional Needs Families-from Whom Do They Want to Hear Disaster Preparedness Information? Abstract

Non - Competitive

Richard Antoine,
Director, NWS/Change Management Unit
Non - Competitive Turning the Tide for Transformative Change at the National Weather Service Abstract
Dr. Jefferson Barrett,
Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physician, Children's Hospital at Montefiore
Non - Competitive Incorporating Essential Pediatric Considerations into Every Hospital's Disaster Policies Abstract
Chris Birchfield,
Meteorologist, NOAA/National Weather Service
Non - Competitive Enhancing National Weather Service Partner Relationships through Development of Regional Tropical Training Exercises
Dan Cameron,
GIS Analyst, WSP
Non - Competitive City and County of Denver Hazard Mitigation Plan-Story Map Abstract
Dr. Molly Finster,
MS, Ph.D. Environmental Systems Engineer, Argonne National Laboratory
Non - Competitive Dam Risks in Disasters: A Puerto Rico Case Study for Hurricane Fiona
Bryan Fleming,
Director, Intermountain Healthcare
Non - Competitive Aligning Healthcare Emergency Management with Operations to Drive Day-to-Day Value and Improved Response Readiness
Jonathan Heinz,
Environmental Emergency Response, GHD
Non - Competitive Evacuation Planning and Stakeholder Engagement for a Remote Coastal Canadian Indigenous Community Abstract
Haydn Higgins,
Senior Consultant, Deloitte
Non - Competitive Standardizing the Non-Standard: Applying Emergency Planning Frameworks to Human Services-Related Events Abstract
Joshua Huber,
IT Team Lead, National Weather Service
Non - Competitive The National Weather Service Role Supporting the Operational IT Platforms for Critical Applications  Abstract
Mary Jo Flynn-Nevins,
Non - Competitive An Importance-Performance Analysis of FEMA Next-Generation Core Competencies Abstract
Monica Plumb,
OEM Project Coordinator, Stanford Health Care
Non - Competitive Engaging Offsite Clinical Locations in a Hazard Vulnerability Analysis (HVA)
Sarah Walker,
Senior Consultant, Deloitte
Non - Competitive A Call for All Emergency Responders to Receive De-Escalation Training Abstract
Adria Schneck,
Director, Change Management Unit, NOAA NWS
Non - Competitive Transformation at the National Weather Service: NCEP Partners & Community Input for Improved Communication Products, Services, and Policies Abstract
Shari St. John,
Emergency Management Analyst, Calian Group Ltd.
Non - Competitive Turning the Tide on After-Action Reviews: Engaging the Public as a Best Practice Abstract
Matt Solum,
Regional Response and Preparedness Specialist, NOAA/National Weather Service
Non - Competitive Eyeball to Eyeball: NWS Western Region Support for Super Bowl 57, the WM Phoenix Open Golf Tournament and Related Events across the Phoenix Metro Area Abstract
Desiree Sullivan,
Watch Officer, Arlington County Public Safety Communications & Emergency Management
Non - Competitive Establishing a Watch Desk Abstract
Terry Cooper,
CEM, Program Manager, IAEM
Non - Competitive Public Health Emergency Management Curriculum for Interprofessional Learners Abstract
Michael Thomas,
Assistant Professor, California State University, Los Angeles
Non - Competitive Fire Prevention Inspections of Legal and Illegal Cannabis Occupancies: A Comparative Study Abstract
Mark Willis,
Chief, Weather Information Applications Division, Meteorological Development Laboratory, National Weather Service
Non - Competitive Creating an Agile Framework and Toolset for Evolving IDSS Needs in the National Weather Service
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