Poster Showcase

Poster Presentation Session on Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Come view your peers research, practice or general findings and expand your knowledge of the emergency management field during the morning program break on Tuesday, November 15, 2022. Posters will be displayed in the River Concourse area outside the EMEX/Registration Hall. Participants will be standing by their posters available to discuss their research and answer questions.

PLUS, some of our IAEM-USA Caucus and Committee Chairs will have posters showcasing their work over the past year. Come talk to these chairs and expand your career by getting involved in IAEM.


2022 List of Poster Showcase Participants




Frances Edwards, Ph.D., MUP, CEM, Prof., San Jose State University Competitive Division - Academic Best Practices in Disaster Public Communications: Evacuation Alerting and Social Media
Mendy Garron, MA, MS, Marine Mammal Emergency Response Coordinator, Protected Resources Div., NOAA Competitive Division - Academic Assessing Views and Capabilities of Emergency Responders toward Preparedness for Wildlife Response and Conservation Initiatives during Disasters
Bernard Jones, Sc.D., CBCP
Asst. Prof.,- Emergency Management, HSEM Dept.  St. John's University
Competitive Division - Academic The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Perceived Decision Making among Emergency Managers
Tatum Casey, Planner, IEM, Graduate Student, University of Delaware Competitive Division - Graduate Student Meeting the Needs of Vulnerable Populations: Best Practices Regarding Maternal and Infant Health throughout the Four Phases of the Disaster Cycle
Alexandra Harris, MPH
Emergency Management Specialist, Prince George's County OEM
Competitive Division - Graduate Student A Review and Comparative Analysis of Preparedness in Prince George’s County, Maryland
Jonathan Heinz, Emergency Medical Responder, Royal Roads University, Alberta Health Services Competitive Division - Graduate Student Evacuation Planning and Stakeholder Engagement for a Remote Coastal Canadian Indigenous Community
Eric Marble, Emergency Management Specialist, Global Emergency Management Capacity Development, CDC Competitive Division - Graduate Student Information Sharing during Complex Public Health Events: An Analysis
of the Uganda COVID-19 Response Using D-DEMATEL Method
Kelsey Rathke, Emergency Response Management Consultant, University of Nevada, Las Vegas Competitive Division - Graduate Student Simplifying Communication in Emergency Management
Melissa Resnick, Ph.D., Post-Doctoral Fellow, University at Buffalo’s Jacobs School of Medicine Competitive Division - Graduate Student Working Dogs and Disaster Preparedness: Identifying Gaps in the Literature
Cameron Gonteski, Meteorological Operations Specialist, The Weather Company Competitive Division - Practitioner An Analysis of the Memphis County Warning Area Tornado Climatology and its Implications on Local Emergency Preparedness
Kerrie Green, CBCP, MA, Business Continuity and Recovery Planner, Disaster Risk Reduction & Business Continuity, Calgary EMA Competitive Division - Practitioner How Gender-Mainstreamed Spatial Programming in Emergency Shelters Can Mitigate Gender-Based Violence Against Women Following Disaster Events
Alexandra Lahm, Emergency Preparedness Fellow, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Competitive Division - Practitioner Helping Children Outside Our Walls: Building on Past Successes to Develop an International Response Capability for Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Felix Lawson, MPA, Emergency Training and Exercise Specialist, Office of Emergency Preparedness, Dekalb County Board of Health Competitive Division - Practitioner DeKalb Strike Team Initiative: An Emergency Preparedness Model for Providing COVID-19 Vaccinations to Vulnerable Communities in DeKalb County, GA
Lukas Oudejans, Ph.D., Physical Scientist, EPA Competitive Division - Practitioner Fentanyl Contamination, Exposure, Detection, Risk, and Decontamination
Emma Paras, CEM, MPH, Emergency Manager, Denver Health and Hospital Authority Competitive Division - Practitioner All-Hazards in the Time of COVID
Scott Stoermer, Managing Director, Response Operations, Witt O'Brien's Competitive Division - Practitioner Equity in Action: At the Intersection of Public Health and Emergency Management in St. Louis, Missouri
Jannine Wilmoth, Ph.D., MPH, CEM, Emergency Manager, Dept. of Fire & Rescue, City of Anaheim Competitive Division - Practitioner Build a Proposal to Build the EOC You Need (and Want)
Carol Wolfinger, CEM, MS, Director of Emergency Management, Administrative Services Division, Lansing Community College Competitive Division - Practitioner How to Strategically Build a Culture of Comprehensive Emergency Preparedness at a Community College
William Aydlett, Senior Meteorologist, NOAA, NWS Non-Competitive Maintaining Vital Relationships between the NWS and Emergency Managers Via Collaborative Exercises
John Burke, Fire Chief, Sandwich Fire Department Non-Competitive The Intersection of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion with the Incident Command System
Patrick Cioffi, ROC Duty Officer/Emergency Response Specialist, NWS Non-Competitive An Operation Center’s Pivotal Role in Tsunami Operations across the Pacific
Deanna Dahl Grove, MD, Physician, UHRainbow Non-Competitive Pediatric Situational Awareness: Regional Metrics Pertinent in the Disaster Cycle
Stephanie Felder, Chief Social Work Public Health Emergency Response Strike Team, USPHA Non-Competitive Emergency Management Unleased – National Emergency Response Strike Team Overview
Seghen Haile, Information Technology Specialist, CDC Non-Competitive Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Public Health Emergency Management Fellowship: Strengthening the International Public Health Workforce
Katelyn Kapalo, Ph.D., Asst.  Prof., University of Nebraska at Omaha Non-Competitive Enhancing Community Risk Reduction (CRR) Efforts: Leveraging Technology-Mediated Self-Reporting Tools for Emergency Preparedness
Whitney Miller, Emergency Management Coordinator I, Children's Mercy Kansas City Non-Competitive Vaccine Clinics Excel at Zero Waste
Kevin Muszynski, MBA, Dir., Emergency Preparedness and Environmental Safety, Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center Non-Competitive Access and Functional Needs Hospital Disaster Guidebook
Nora O’Brien, CEM, MPA, Chief Executive Officer, Connect Consulting Services Non-Competitive Post- COVID Pandemic Business Continuity Challenges and Opportunities
Maxwell Palmer, Wildland Firefighter/Graduate Student, USFS/Tulane University Non-Competitive “Preparedness Promoters:” A Community-Based Method to Assess Vulnerability and Resilience in Marginalized Populations
Jennifer Roy, Regional Emergency Management Planner, City of Boston Non-Competitive Roundtables to Resilience Series
Dawn Skaggs, Dir. of Emergency, Disaster and Climate Resilience, World Institute on Disability Non-Competitive Activating Disability-Led Organizations in Disasters to Fill the Gaps of Systematic Exclusion
Darrell Small, CEM, Emergency Management Specialist, Prince George's County OEM Non-Competitive Using Community Lifeline Capability Assessment Planning Templates to Evaluate Food & Water, Supply Chain for Resilience during Catastrophic Events
Matt Solum, Regional Response and Preparedness Specialist, NOAA/NWS Non-Competitive NWS Western Region Support For Large Pre-Planned Events
Hannah Thomas, Training and Exercise Specialist, Maryland-NCR Emergency Response System Non-Competitive Strengthening Collaboration and Coordination through the Implementation of Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) in Montgomery County
Lynn Walkiewicz, Ph.D., Intern, The Red Cross, Tulane University Non-Competitive Aroostook County and Greater Wenatchee’s Social Resilience Indicators: Micro- and Mid-Level Social Resilience Indicators in Rural Communities
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