Certification Exam Content Development Panel

Certification Exam Content Development Panel

Deadline to Apply – Feb. 18, 2022


The International Association of Emergency Managers is working on the next generation of AEM/CEM certification examinations. The updated exams will be based on recently updated job analyses that were conducted in 2021.

IAEM is seeking volunteers representing all functions of emergency management (EM) and all EM job types, such as personnel within the military, local-state-federal-tribal governments, campus-based academia, within healthcare systems, private sectors, and other practice settings to participate in the AEM/CEM Exam Content Development Panel. Volunteers must be current Certified Emergency Managers (CEMs), Lifetime CEMs, or current Associate Emergency Managers (AEMs). Please note that volunteers can use their involvement as a professional contribution in the AEM/CEM recertification application.

The exam content process involves three different phases:

PHASE 1: Item Bank Review (March & May) – This task will bring together workgroups of 3-5 volunteers in 2-hour blocks of time to review current exam questions. Each group will work to code items to the certification exam blueprint, confirm the correct answer, and verify the question’s relevancy. The expected time commitment per volunteer is approximately 10 hours.

PHASE 2: Item Writing – (April) – Volunteers will attend a virtual training session on how to write exam questions. Following the training session, members will be assigned to write 10-20 exam questions. Attendance at the training session will be required for all item writers. The training session will last for one hour and two weeks will be allowed for members to complete their individual writing assignments. The training session will be scheduled for Wednesday, April 6 at 12:00 PM Eastern. The total commitment time per volunteer is approximately 10 hours.

PHASE 3: Item and Form Review Committee (June) – There will be a unique review committee for each of the 5 versions of the exam – Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, and International. The total time commitment for this work is approximately 10 hours. Each committee will participate in a virtual meeting to review and approve newly written items as well as an exam form.

To volunteer for any of the workgroups listed above, an interest form must be completed to provide information about your demographics, educational background, work experience, areas of specialization, and volunteer opportunities that interest you. The deadline to apply is February 18, 2022. Selected participants will be required to sign a non-disclosure form to maintain the confidentiality of the exam.

IAEM does not discriminate based on gender, race, ethnicity, age, etc. The decision on the composition of the panel is based on the best qualifications and diversity. The data collected in connection with this application and screening process will be treated as strictly confidential by IAEM and not made available to any third party.

Questions can be sent to Certification Administrator Kate McClimans at Kate@iaem.com.