IAEM-USA Bylaws Vote 2019

IAEM-USA Vote on Proposed Bylaws Amendments

All IAEM-USA Council Individual, Affiliate, and Lifetime members are invited to vote on the proposed IAEM-USA Bylaws amendments. The review period lasted for the required 30 days.

Voting Period

On Oct. 9, 2019, IAEM-USA voting members will receive an email announcing the start and end dates of the voting period. Your link to the online ballot will be included in that email. IAEM-USA Individual, Affiliate, and Lifetime members will have the opportunity to vote yes or no on each of the two proposed bylaws amendments. The voting period will be open for 30 days, and the deadline for voting is Monday, Nov. 11, 2019, 5:00 p.m. Eastern time.

Proposed IAEM-USA Council Bylaws Amendments

IAEM-USA Council Bylaws amendments require a vote of members. To pass, these proposed amendments must receive support by two-thirds of those members voting.

Be Informed

You are encouraged to read the information provided on this page, and to download and read the documents linked below prior to voting online, so that you know the specifics of the changes and the rationale behind the proposed amendments. The IAEM-USA Board has recommended that the following two amendments be made to the IAEM-USA Bylaws. Proposed Bylaws Amendment 1 addresses a streamlined voting/notice period. Proposed Bylaws Amendment 2 addresses changes in Student membership; these changes are supported also by the IAEM-USA Student Region.

  • Proposed IAEM-USA Bylaws Amendment 1: Notice Period for Bylaws Changes 
    Any proposed bylaws amendments currently must be circulated to the membership 30 days prior to the voting period. To pass, proposed amendments to the IAEM-USA Bylaws must receive the support of two-thirds of those members voting. The date of the announcement to members – in this case Sept. 3, 2019 – begins the 30-day membership review period. The proposed change to the bylaws would allow members to cast their vote on proposed changes at the time that they receive the notice of the proposed amendments, rather than wait 30 days to do so.

  • Proposed Bylaws Amendment 2: Changes Related to IAEM-USA Student Membership
    Background information on Proposed Bylaws Amendment 2 is in the final report of the IAEM-USA Student Task Force. The following changes are proposed:

o   Article III, Section 1, E. Student Member. The proposed changes define the purpose of Student membership, the qualifications for this category, affirms that Student members do not have voting privileges, and removes any extensions to the six-year limitation.

o   Article IV, Section 3, Directors, C. The proposed change removes a Student representative on the IAEM-USA Board. Students will be represented on the Board by the regional president of the region in which they reside.

o   Article IV, Section 5, Qualifications of Officers and Directors, B-1. The proposed change removes a reference to “Student Region representative.” Students are represented by their regional president.

o   Article IV, Section 6, Method of Selection, F: The proposed change removes a reference to student elections.

o   Article VIII, Section 1, Members in Good Standing, B. The proposed change retains the reference to the Administrative Policies and Procedures, but directly specifies that Lifetime members and Student members may not hold office.

Document Review 

If you did not review these documents during the 30-day review period, you are encouraged to review them prior to voting on the proposed amendments:


Questions or requests for assistance regarding voting should be emailed to Karen Thompson, IAEM elections staff liaison, at Thompson@iaem.com.